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Anti seismic technology in automatic warehouse system

automatic warehouse system, a newly developed logistics system in China in recent years, how to be anti-seismic, earthquake resistant and earthquake proof has become a hot topic in the logistics industry. As a leading logistics system integrator in the industry, Dafu company has mastered advanced technology and successful application cases in terms of earthquake resistance and shock resistance of logistics system. Peace logistics center of Chongqing pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is one of them. The project successfully withstood the test of the Sichuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, and also played a great role in earthquake relief work

the Shangqiao automatic warehouse of the peace logistics center is the main project of the modern logistics project of Chongqing pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Figure 1), with a total construction area of 26930 square meters. It was put into trial operation on April 21, 2007. The upper bridge automatic warehouse includes the three-dimensional warehouse stacker system, the ring unmanned automatic carrier system (Figure 2), the incoming and outgoing conveyor system, the sliding block automatic sorting system (Figure 3) and the handheld data acquisition terminal (RF), and controls the overall system operation through WMS and group controller. The system planning and design, system integration and key equipment are provided by Taifook Corporation of Japan

Figure 1 heavy pharmaceutical peace logistics center

Figure 2 STV carrying trolley

Figure 3 automatic sorting system

the designed annual outbound volume of Shangqiao automatic warehouse is not less than 4billion RMB, the average stock is 130000 boxes, the number of SKUs in warehouse is not less than 15500, the average daily processing order is 2000, and 15000 order lines, which can adapt to the mixed operation of hospital pure sales, wholesale distribution, terminal distribution, retail chain and other business orders. It is radiating cloud, Guizhou, Sichuan Chongqing is the largest modern pharmaceutical logistics center

seismic design considerations

in this earthquake, the heavy drug distribution center can successfully withstand the test, which is inseparable from the consideration of seismic factors in the design and planning process. From architectural design to shelf design to logistics equipment, seismic requirements are considered

1. seismic consideration of buildings

according to the local seismic intensity fortification requirements of Chongqing, in calculating the action of the automatic storage system on the building foundation, fully consider the ground stress under the short-term earthquake stress and the long-term system action, use the professional calculation software of Dafu company to analyze the maximum bearing requirements of the ground under the seismic intensity fortification requirements, and provide the bearing requirements to the building designer as a reference for foundation design

in addition, the building columns of the automatic warehouse are supported by a spatial structure composed of three columns (Figure 4). The column structure of this style has greater strength and stability than the ordinary single column support structure. At the same time, The automatic warehouse project implemented in China complies with the national seismic code code code for seismic design of buildings (GB) Design according to the requirements of

Figure 4 vertical column structure of the three-dimensional warehouse

2. Considering the anti-seismic of the shelf

the finite element tool software is used for the stress analysis of the shelf, and the shelf specification is selected for detailed design according to the stress analysis report, ensuring the reasonable structure and stable performance of the shelf. Especially now, it seems that this kind of demand is becoming more and more urgent. In this plan, the horizontal beam shelf is adopted, and its stability is higher than the corbel shelf structure. At the same time, the back of the shelf is reinforced by the form of back pull rod (Fig. 5). Further, the national standard gb/t 9341 ⑵ 000 describes the experimental steps in detail, which improves the overall stability and seismic strength of the shelf

Figure 5 the pull rod at the back of the rack of the three-dimensional warehouse

the connection between the rack and the ground in the heavy drug three-dimensional warehouse project also adopts a special way. It is common to use expansion bolts or chemical bolts for connection and fixation in the three-dimensional warehouse project, but in this project, according to the comprehensive consideration of the long-term static load and short-term earthquake stress of the three-dimensional warehouse system, the secondary pouring method is used to connect and fix the shelf to the ground, and the shelf is directly connected with the underground reinforcement structure, which makes the shelf and the foundation part become one, and effectively improves the overall seismic resistance of the shelf

3. consideration of equipment anti-seismic

the stacker is the core equipment of the three-dimensional warehouse. Under the condition of continuous technological innovation, the stacker of Dafu company has always maintained the first sales position in the world. The stacker in this project can automatically learn the position, and automatically correct the position during operation to ensure access accuracy. After the earthquake, the stacker equipment will move along the track direction under the action of external force, and the shelves and goods will also be deformed or offset (some short-term stress deformation can be recovered). The stacker equipment can correct its position by itself, and will actively alarm if it finds abnormal shelf position during operation. The above functions ensure that the system can be quickly restored and put into use after the earthquake

in the planning of the heavy drug project, the tray conveyors on each floor are connected with the automatic storehouse and installed directly on the floor, but the roadway conveyor at the connection with the automatic storehouse is installed on the steel platform (Figure 6). One end of the steel platform is directly connected with the rack column for fixation and support, and the other end is directly erected on the building beam, which is only supported by the building beam, and is not fixedly connected. The biggest advantage of this method is that it reduces the transmission of seismic force between the building floor and the shelf, and also reduces the damage to the steel platform and the equipment on the platform

Figure 6 installation mode of steel platform

application prospect of seismic technology

at present, there is no unified national specification for the seismic design of logistics system in China, and the seismic technology of logistics system basically stays at the technical level of improving the strength of components to resist earthquake disasters. Improving the strength of components is also the most direct embodiment of the seismic design concept of "no collapse in a large earthquake, repairable in a heavy earthquake, and no damage in a small earthquake". However, this seismic technology is far more meaningful to the construction industry than the logistics industry, because in the logistics system, it is not only necessary to ensure that warehouse buildings, shelves and logistics equipment can have sufficient strength to resist earthquake disasters, At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the goods in custody will not be damaged or dumped due to the earthquake, which can not be achieved only by improving the seismic strength of the components. Therefore, the materials used for the connectors of equipment sold in the market of one region are often different from those used in the connector system of equipment sold in the market of another region. The anti vibration technology of the connector system will also become a new development direction of anti-seismic technology of domestic logistics system. At the same time, in the future, in addition to giving full play to its modern efficiency and good economic benefits, the earthquake resistance and earthquake resistance of the logistics system will also become the focus of many enterprises. (end)

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