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Grasp the policy opportunity of "new infrastructure" and promote the digital transformation of water and environmental protection public utilities industry

since March this year, the development of 5g, industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technology has been supported by policies, and the development of new infrastructure has been accelerating. It is pointed out that the development of 5g and industrial interconnection will further accelerate the speed of improving business efficiency, reducing operating costs and optimizing leakage control in the water and environmental protection utilities industry, promote the industry to gradually change to the intelligent water business model characterized by system integration, information networking and massive data, and bring huge development space and broad market opportunities to the industry

in the future, the whole industrial chain of major municipal industries, including water supply, sewage treatment, sewage recycling, solid waste treatment, heat scheduling, pipe gallery integrated monitoring and water environment treatment, needs to further optimize all aspects of capacity to meet the requirements of the new era. Therefore, how to use innovative digital means to continuously improve the efficiency of personnel and equipment, reduce energy consumption and waste, and provide better municipal services for the people on the premise of ensuring the safe operation of all walks of life has become an urgent task for China's water affairs and deepening the development of traditional friendly environmental protection public utilities

on June 23, Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy management and automation, held a cloud Summit for the water and environmental protection utilities industry. At the summit, Schneider Electric showed digital smart solutions for a variety of application scenarios, including smart water source, smart pump station, smart water plant, smart pipe, smart pipe gallery system, smart heating system, smart solid waste treatment, smart desalination facilities and smart sewage treatment plant, and worked with experts from design institutes and general contracting to analyze how to use new technologies represented by IOT, enabling software Process automation and energy utilization, and promote the energy management and process optimization and upgrading of traditional water and environmental protection utilities. Yang Hujin, general manager of Schneider electric water and environmental protection utilities industry, said: at present, digitalization has raised energy efficiency management and green intelligent manufacturing to a new height. Schneider Electric is helping the water and environmental protection utilities industry with leading technology, promoting the digital transformation of industrial automation and energy efficiency management, and helping the industry achieve the four industry development goals of ensuring safety, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and smart operation

Schneider Electric has accumulated more than 38 years of experience in the water and environmental protection utilities industry. Through cooperation with world-renowned water and environmental protection utilities, it has provided a complete set of digital solutions for more than 5000 domestic projects based on ecostruxure architecture and platform. The clamping force of samples will change with wear. According to the business needs and pain points of the water industry, Schneider Electric's ecostruxure digital architecture and platform integrates interconnected products, edge control software, application analysis services and full life cycle services at the information technology level and application technology level, helping customers achieve preventive predictive maintenance and efficient asset and energy quality management. Customer projects that apply Schneider Electric's complete digital solution will get 25% improvement in operating efficiency, 30% reduction in energy consumption and 20% total cost savings. At the same time, Schneider Electric also takes it as its own responsibility to promote the progress of the industry, and vigorously promotes the ecoxpert partner program in the water and environmental protection utilities industry, which is famous in 50 countries and regions around the world, to help the whole industry achieve efficient management and move towards a sustainable development future

Yang Hujin, general manager of Schneider electric water and environmental protection utilities industry

Yang Hujin, general manager of Schneider electric water and environmental protection utilities industry, said: for Schneider Electric, this cloud summit is a great opportunity to have a dialogue with industry experts, partners and end users, followed by Africa and the Middle East. In the future, we will hold more activities like this to listen to the voice of the industry and capture the changes in the needs of physical metallurgy customers since 2007. We will continue to upgrade products and solutions according to the changes and optimize the digital experience of customers. At the same time, we will continue to promote the digital transformation of the water and environmental protection utilities industry in combination with the ecoxpert partner program, taking advantage of the great opportunity of the continuous deepening of the new infrastructure policy

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