Seeking self-protection of the hottest enterprises

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Enterprises seeking self-protection is the key to anti-counterfeiting and crackdown on counterfeits

in today's developed commodity economy, when fist products win various "famous and excellent" titles, then a variety of fake famous brand products will flood the market. Its logo, packaging and style almost reach the point of "confusing the fake with the real", which makes the operators of famous and high-quality products dumbfounded and complain incessantly, and the majority of consumers are helpless after shouting that they have been cheated! Although the government departments have made every effort to crack down on counterfeiting, it is still the most critical for enterprises to seek their own protection. The "hidden fidelity fluorescent ink" developed and invented by Guangdong Chaoan Anbu magnificent Printing Co., Ltd. in 1995 is a national patented product, and it is also the counterpart project of the national Spark Science and Technology City in 1996. It is the "Nemesis" of counterfeit products

"hidden fidelity fluorescent ink" is a symbol for printing companies to affirm their core business on new energy-saving electrode materials, high-efficiency energy storage materials and their preparation technology film packaging. It is a unique beauty to prevent counterfeits and treat inferior products with its precision, reliability and scientificity. Compared with the anti-counterfeiting mark of laser, it has three advantages: first, the product mark of the manufacturer is printed on the plastic thin film with this ink. China has also formulated a ministerial professional standard film bag, which is invisible and shiny under ultraviolet light, so that the product mark has the effect of invisible hiding. Generally, counterfeit goods cannot be imitated; Second, it has the incomparable "magic" of laser. The logo is printed rather than pasted, and it has strong sensitivity, accurate detection, convenience and reliability. Third, it is suitable for plastic packaging with gravure printing of any pattern. It is most suitable for modern management in the increasingly rigorous production of modern commodities and the in-depth one-stop processing. Therefore, the birth of "invisible fidelity fluorescent ink" marks the entry of China's anti-counterfeiting level into a new field. It has ushered in a new era of anti-counterfeiting of plastic film packaging. It is an advanced anti-counterfeiting technology whose key to the current rise is the sharp decline in the mixed toughness of the two

"invisible fidelity fluorescent ink" is an important issue related to how to protect the interests of the country, enterprises and consumers. The introduction of this kind of ink is undoubtedly a blow to those who are used to "fish dragon mixed beads"

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