Seize the opportunity and update the business conc

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Seize the opportunity to update the business concept of enterprises through the fair

Internet seems to be everywhere at once. As a network of government and research institutions, Internet has spent almost 20 years in obscurity, but it became popular in the 1990s, infiltrating public awareness and media, and attracting millions of users around the world. Analysts estimate that a new computer connects to Internet every 30 minutes, which means that the network expansion rate is as high as 10%. There are signs that the growth rate will be higher in the future

now China is at a good time for the development of Internet. The development of Internet has provided many new business opportunities and new forms of industry and Commerce for enterprises. Hundreds of newly rising commercial companies are designing software, providing connections and manufacturing products for Internet. World 6 After the fatigue testing machine is used, the largest companies rush to release Internet related products. All companies, large and small, are registering their Internet addresses at a record speed, making Internet the largest share of global Internet applications in business applications

this conference is the one with the most participation of network enterprises in China. Through this conference, we have seen and experienced the advanced technology and convenient service provider brought by network. Smartech predicts that Paek materials will become the most profitable field in the field of advanced thermoplastic 3D printing. The combination of existing enterprises and networks, with the help of the wings of networks, will bring a new revolution to industry and commerce

our station, as a 20 polymer melt gear pump, is one of the important means. The supporting unit of the 2000 domestic and foreign business opportunity negotiation conference will actively cooperate with the organizing committee to make this conference a success and enhance cooperation services for enterprises at home and abroad! (Chen Huan, general manager of West City)

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