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How about the evaluation of Pico little monster 2 Pro VR glasses all-in-one machine? Evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of getting started

picovr glasses hot selling recommendation: Pico little monster 2 Pro has great uncertainty in equipment procurement, production line equipment and debugging. VR glasses all-in-one machine family indoor virtual reality game 4K video ar eyes. How about this little monster 2 Pro VR glasses all-in-one machine? Let's take a look at the first-hand experience, detailed configuration parameters and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages, which may help you choose the little monster 2 Pro VR glasses all-in-one machine for reference

I. little monster 2 Pro hands-on experience:

this Pico little monster 2 Pro VR glasses all-in-one machine function is really good. My friends are using this one. They say it's very easy to use, and they recommend it to me. Later, I started this Pico little monster 2 Pro VR glasses all-in-one machine. The product is very novel. The processor of 835, 4g+6, about the re receiving and receiving operation of resources, there is also a high potential to develop 4G storage collocation, 3K screen, The hardware is still affordable. The comfort of wearing is also very good. The quality is very light, and you won't feel oppressed. The main reason for choosing this VR is that it is equipped with a front camera, which can support the use of AR in the future. I am looking forward to the development of AR applications in the future. On the whole, it is a very desirable product

pico little monster 2 Pro more user comments introduction:

pico little monster 2 Pro latest coupon quotation introduction:

II. Little monster 21 precision is level 1 or level 2 Pro detailed configuration parameters:

III. little monster 2 Pro User Comments advantages and disadvantages:

1. The quality is very good and the running speed is fast, but the same video is not clear on the computer, which may be too demanding. In addition, the camera didn't find a way to use it. I hope to launch the relevant app as soon as possible

2. The VR all-in-one machine gives me and my family a very pleasant experience. The appearance design and quality are particularly good. Thank customer service Lili for patiently explaining to me the problems that I don't understand the operation. Her attitude is very good. The most surprising thing is that it has powerful functions. It's really worth the money, and it's affordable. It's beyond my expectation and imagination. Not only watching movies with good 3D effects, clear pictures, playing games, watching VR, there's an immersive feeling, but also many app software in the application, It's so funny, I regret buying late

it also has complete protection functions such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, abnormal stop, DSP problems, CPU problems, etc.

3. The effect of watching movies is good, but it's a little dizzy after watching for a long time, which may be a personal factor. Customer service is also very enthusiastic. As an entry-level VR, it has a high cost performance. In a word, it is quite satisfactory Expand to view more comments

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