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Piano coating "broke into" the studio industry and became a market highlight

the steel exhibition will focus on showing a batch of basic, strategic and cutting-edge advanced materials. Piano coating "broke into" the studio industry and became a market highlight

the situation is not very optimistic. April 16, 2007

the application of piano coating technology to the polishing of color photos and the production of photo frames is a new market highlight of the current photography studio industry

if you want to take photos as a permanent memorial, use piano resin as a closed coating, and use crystal resin to make photo frames, so as to package the original appearance into a kind of art, which is shiny and charming

at present, the major photo studios located in Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Yan'an Road and Sichuan Road in Shanghai have brought surprises to customers. This production method changes the past plastic process, which fully shows that the photos decorated with piano paint and crystal resin use different composite materials; It should be easy to degrade, with strong body sensitivity and long "fresh" period. The processing of photos is not limited by size, especially the glazing decoration of wedding photos, which is very beautiful

this process of decorating photos is a combination of piano coating process and crystal resin casting process. The whole production process is made of exquisite materials and fine processing. It is understood that in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other large cities in the south, there are FRP enterprises or manual workshops to provide one-stop services such as order receiving, processing and delivery for the photo studios in these cities

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