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at present, users and dealers send N2000 chromatographic data workstation quality problems back to the manufacturer for repair. N2000 chromatographic workstation manufacturers found that some users purchased some dealers in Hangzhou and pirated Zhejiang University N2000 chromatographic data workstations claiming to be manufacturers

according to users, during the purchase negotiation, the relevant sellers repeatedly guaranteed that their N2000 chromatographic data workstation was a genuine upgraded new product, which led some users to buy and use it. Now it is explained to the majority of users as follows:

at present, the only authorized manufacturer of N2000 chromatographic data workstation of Zhejiang University is Saizhi Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd

the information publishing station is:

at present, there are about 3 or 4 pirated N2000 chromatographic data workstations in Hangzhou. Due to the open source design of the old N2000 chromatographic workstation, that is, there is no encryption between hardware and software, which creates conditions for pirated N2000 chromatographic data workstations; These manufacturers have neither formal production sites nor formal warehouses, which makes it difficult for the industrial and commercial departments to crack down on piracy

however, no matter how the pirates declare, at present, all the Pirates of N2000 chromatographic data workstation according to the national, provincial and municipal requirements do not have the ability to upgrade the software. Due to the complexity of the chromatographic data workstation software itself, unless the real authorized developer, the pirates cannot modify the functions of N2000 software, let alone improve the algorithm

for some reasons, please pay attention to purchasing the genuine N2000 chromatographic data workstation to avoid losses caused by the use of non-conforming software. The tye ⑴ 00, tye ⑶ 00 and tye ⑷ 00 originally produced by the factory are hydraulic loading, pendulum force measurement and semi open structure

in addition, Zheda Zhiguo (Saizhi Technology) will launch a more advanced and brand-new chromatographic data workstation in May 2009. The new generation of chromatographic workstation adopts the software and hardware technology that more advanced users do not need to incur one-time liabilities or use their own funds to invest, completely competing with the world's top chromatographic software. Please pay attention

please pay attention to identifying the pictures of the above genuine N2000 chromatographic data workstation

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