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Machine tool enterprises are uneasy about rising too fast

although it is mid April, the late spring cold sometimes dares not let people say goodbye to thick winter clothes completely. However, when I walked into the exhibition hall after the CCMT2010 talks, I felt the warmth of China's machine tool market, which has entered a hot summer. Although a sudden rain made the temperature in Nanjing drop again

the market is surprisingly good

the two news heard during the exhibition may more vividly show this situation

it is understood that Shenyang degraded and was absorbed by the human body six months later. The general machine tools with an inventory of hundreds of millions of yuan last year were not only sold out, but also received many new orders

the second news is that a domestic CNC system manufacturing enterprise laid off 300 people last year due to its conservative prediction of the situation, but the production task increased in the first quarter, so it had to recruit more than 300 people again

not only the domestic machine tool manufacturing industry reacted like this, but several foreign machine tool spare parts enterprises that have entered the Chinese machine tool market for some years also showed unexpected rebound in the market

the market is surprisingly good, exceeding expectations. The company's sales in January doubled compared with the same period last year, and the growth in February also reached 60%. But I told employees not to look at the data of these two months, because it may be saved last year, but if there is a steady rise in March and April, then we can have an optimistic judgment on the situation of the whole year. Jiangwende, the managing director of Sangao cutting tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that his attitude was still quite cautious, and he believed that the overall trend of the industry throughout the year could not be ruled out

Jia Jiangyang, CEO of Dr. Johannes heidenham (China) Co., Ltd., said that the rapid recovery of the Chinese market was unexpected, and the importance of the Chinese market to the company was more prominent

maybe the data is more convincing. According to the latest statistics of the customs, from January to March 2010, China imported 21044 metal processing machine tools, an increase of 12.6% over 18690 in the same period of 2009; The cumulative import amount was about US $1.742 billion, an increase of 15.7% over US $1.506 billion in the same period in 2009

in March alone, China imported more than 10000 metal processing machine tools, with a significant increase of 148% month on month and 41% year-on-year; The import amount was about 715million US dollars, with a month on month increase of 49.46% and a year-on-year increase of 26.75%

although the situation is very good, many enterprises have also expressed their concerns. For example, Yang Yongjun, chairman of Qinghai Huading Heavy Machine Tool Co., Ltd., believes that although the market is picking up and the demand for our experimental machines, which are the best in Jinan in terms of production, sales and service protection standards, is relatively large, the real deal still lags behind the speed of information amplification. If the market does not repeat, it will be possible to recover to the level of the first half of 2008 in May. In fact, the best time for the market is 2007

in the interview, it was found that more than one entrepreneur believed that the survival of the fittest and the upgrading of the whole industry should follow any crisis. However, due to the rapid recovery, the process of survival of the fittest has not been completed, and the rapid recovery of the market has made a number of enterprises and products that should be eliminated survive. In this sense, it is not entirely a good thing, maybe in the near future, In order to complete the transformation of industry upgrading, the industry will also experience a shock

therefore, while happy and excited, many entrepreneurs are more anxious

Shi Guang, general manager of Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., believes that when the market is good, enterprises must seize the market, otherwise they will lose the opportunity. But after all, there is a lesson. It is not advisable to simply look at the current interests, so we should also adjust flexibly when adhering to the main line of enterprise adjustment

for the current and future market expectations, he said with a smile: the market is really fierce now, and it's hard to say whether it can continue. But I believe that even if there is another crisis, the enterprise's ability to cope will certainly be different. After all, do you have experience and gain a lesson

the first batch of major special products were tested

in addition, a major feature of this exhibition is that many backbone machine tool enterprises have marked individual machine tools in the booth as major special products

in this regard, the person in charge of the enterprise said that since 2010 is the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan, and it is also a key year to implement the adjustment and revitalization plan of the equipment manufacturing industry, phased achievements have been made in major special scientific and technological research. Therefore, a number of exhibits reflecting the current high-tech level of China's machine tool manufacturing industry have been exhibited to accept the inspection of national departments

it is understood that in 2009, 194 special topics were arranged for major special high-end CNC machine tool projects, of which 72 major special high-end CNC machine tool projects were completed by 37 enterprises. Except for 3 enterprises that did not participate in the exhibition, the remaining 34 enterprises undertaking the project participated in the exhibition in full; Thirty enterprises were responsible for 42 high-end CNC machine tool functional parts projects of major scientific and technological projects. Five enterprises did not participate in the exhibition, and the remaining 25 enterprises participated in the exhibition

for example, Chongqing Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. exhibited a large-scale high-efficiency CNC gear milling machine. The machine adopts modular design, with a maximum machining diameter of 3200mm, a maximum machining modulus of 32, 5-axis control and 3-axis linkage. It adopts high-speed large-scale CNC gear milling machine workbench hydrostatic guide rail technology, high-power dual path clearance elimination main drive system, high-speed gear milling technology of large modulus gears, anti vibration and anti-interference technology of large-scale gear milling machine, etc. It is understood that this product is a major special ceramic fiber material such as inner mold, which is a key problem of blocking high-speed, precision and large-scale CNC gear hobbing machine operated by magnets and iron oxide

in addition, Beijing Electric Machining Research Institute exhibited n850 five axis five linkage precision CNC EDM forming machine for machining key parts of aircraft engines, with a maximum processing workpiece of 3000kg and a maximum electrode of 150kg, which is the first in China. Its workbench is 1150mm 600mm, the positioning accuracy of X, y and Z axes is 0.015mm, the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.008mm, and the best surface roughness is ra0.1 m. It is also a five axis linkage precision CNC EDM machine tool for machining complex surfaces of major special materials

in addition, due to handling problems, there are also some major special CNC heavy machine tool projects, such as: high-speed gantry five axis linkage machining center, Super Heavy CNC horizontal lathe, Super Heavy CNC Floor milling and boring machine, CNC heavy bridge gantry five axis linkage turning and milling compound machine tool, large multi station press automation line, etc. because the machine tool is overweight and oversized, it cannot be displayed in kind, but also in pictures The image form was introduced at the exhibition

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