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The photo Expo allows Chinese printing enterprises to see greater business opportunities

at the 14th Beijing International Book Expo, experts and scholars from publishing, telecommunications and media circles jointly discussed the development of China's publishing industry, and the printers participating in the Expo also offered suggestions. Some representatives of printing exhibitors called on domestic publishers to strengthen independent development, expand foreign copyright trade, and cooperate with each other in editing and printing, so as to send more and better made in China books to readers all over the world

first bitter, then sweet, dare to taste

at this exhibition, a wide range of children's books have novel contents and unique shapes, integrating reading and entertainment, which can be described as a highlight of the Expo. However, manager Huang of xiaocomma children's bookstore, which has long operated such books, said that because there are many requirements for the production and processing of such books and the cost of early design and development is relatively high, domestic publishing units rarely set foot in it, but the profits of such books are considerable. At present, most of the varieties sold in the market are imported from abroad, most of which are based on foreign fairy tales and lack Chinese cultural characteristics

due to the relatively strict requirements for the printing and processing of books abroad, especially for children, the higher the quotation of impact testing machine, the more detailed and specific regulations for books, which makes books often confused when starting to design such books. For example, some books suitable for young children are not allowed to be covered with film, because there will be toxic residues in the general film coating process. Many children like to bite books, which will affect their physical development. At the same time, we should also ensure the tear resistance of books. Generally, the process of oiling is adopted, and the soluble water-based oiling is adopted, which not only ensures the resistance of books, but also takes into account the safety of children. In the specific processing process, there are still many quality requirements for products that enterprises casually reduce in order to blindly reduce prices, which is also one of the reasons why the threshold for high-quality children's books is relatively high

secondly, such books require a lot of manual work, which greatly increases the cost, but also adds value to ordinary printed matter. According to foreign statistics, the domestic labor price is extremely low compared with the international market, so many overseas publishing houses usually choose the strategy of processing in China, and then shipping back to China for sales. Even with transportation costs, the profit is still considerable. Manager Huang said that taking the book on the table as an example, the copyright was introduced from Britain. The price of the Chinese version was 58 yuan, while the price of the English version sold in Britain was 10 pounds, equivalent to more than 100 yuan. The price difference was still very large. Many publishers have not realized that the profit brought by added value is far greater than the cost

At present, only a few publishing houses in China are trying to design characteristic children's books, but they are improving greatly. In terms of the domestic market, Sichuan children's publishing house, Anhui children's publishing house, China children's publishing house, relay publishing house and other publishing houses have developed many children's picture books and toy books through cooperation. It can be said that it has filled the gap in this regard in China's printing and binding industry. When some overseas publishing houses launch Chinese editions in China, in order to ensure the unity of book quality, they will basically choose the same printing plant to print and process. Therefore, many domestic enterprises of this kind have established stable customer relationships. This paves the way for the export of Chinese books with independent property rights to the international market in the future

however, the representatives of the exhibition still hope that domestic publishers can realize the importance of independent development of domestic publishing and printing enterprises, and do not always take it for granted. There are countless cultural treasures of all kinds, not to mention those excellent themes suitable for children to read. Editors and printers should work together to make Chinese stories overseas! I hope to see children's books and stereoscopic books with their own technology, design and national content can go to the international market

different ways belong to the great cause of culture

fan Liang, manager of the overseas business department of Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., introduced that the number of printing enterprises participating in this exhibition was less than last year, but the number of overseas publishing houses increased. There are many kinds of books on display, especially Germany, as the guest of honor, has brought a large number of excellent German books to Chinese readers, and also let printing enterprises see greater business opportunities. Many overseas publishing houses have established stable and long-term cooperative relations with domestic printing processing plants, and orders will be sent all year round. From the analysis of the orders undertaken, there are still too few designed books with independent copyright in domestic publishing houses, especially children's books, most of which are overseas orders

only by combining printing and publishing can China's cultural industry be introduced to the international market. The person in charge of Shanghai Zidan exhibition hall told that Shanghai Zidan Printing Co., Ltd., which represents Shanghai Publishing Group, is a subsidiary of Shanghai Zijiang group, which ranks first among China's top 100 printing enterprises with a sales volume of 2.022 billion. In the printing industry, Shanghai Zijiang group has established a multi-level business structure and expanded its business scope. Now, Shanghai Zijiang continues to cooperate with publishing units at home and abroad to make continuous efforts for the introduction and going out of excellent books

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