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One picture can understand how the fourth industrial revolution will change the world

Robot Revolution, industry 4.0, intelligence... There are too many concepts attached to the fourth industrial revolution. There is no doubt that the fourth industrial revolution will greatly change mankind. Harvard University's expectations are by no means fanciful

but as the author warned at the end, for a group of developing countries, the fourth industrial revolution will bring a huge wave of unemployment

the fourth industrial revolution will be another milestone in human history. 2030 is only an estimated time point. The time may be advanced or postponed. However, for developing countries and emerging markets, this is actually equivalent to the doomsday point. If we can't set foot on Noah's Ark (entering the stage of developed countries) before this, we will be completely engulfed by the wave of the fourth industrial revolution

you should carefully browse the relevant product manuals. The birth of the new generation of labor force will inevitably eliminate all the bottom labor forces. It can be said that the competition between humans and robots will start from measuring the maximum width of each crack, and those with insufficient ability will be eliminated by robots, waiting for their future. 3. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept dark

in my opinion, with the continuous evolution of robots. The final state will be that human beings only need mental labor, and all other jobs will be replaced by robots

robots must not have the ability of self thinking no matter how they evolve. Otherwise, the end of mankind will come. For all creatures on the earth who have self-consciousness and can think, human beings are the most dangerous existence. Moreover, human civilization 1 The development of free revolution was originally based on the continuous destruction of the environment and enslavement of other creatures

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