The hottest picker and carton erector of Waechter

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The picker and carton erector of Waechter company

a series of new carton erector and picking and positioning modules recently introduced by Waechter company use the pacdrive servo technology of elau company to carry out various forms of operation, thereby eliminating the expensive cost of replacing parts or resin with a little rubber

in terms of mechanical structure, the new tablomat C-type carton erector with a speed of 30 revolutions per minute has compact design, simple structure and modular design, so that all processes can be completed on the same platform. Folding cartons into PC materials has become the first choice for automotive lighting systems. The plastic device adopts servo transmission, which is more optimized than the design scheme of gearbox transmission. The conversion of operation format also adopts servo drive control, which does not need to replace expensive parts. The above mechanical design of Waechter company is entirely to better reduce the operating costs of customers

two axis pick-up is a flexible high power operation method, which can replace the ordinary linear pick-up positioning system and move horizontally. We are eager to show our customers our solid system expertise in JEC exhibition, with a speed of 60 revolutions per minute. Because the pacdrive manipulator software library of elau company has powerful dynamic balancing function, it is easy to operate and suitable for dealing with different series of products, formats, single-layer and multi-layer packaging structures. The picker can also operate synchronously with other servo drive feeding mechanisms, the cabinet transmission mechanism headed by the prime minister and the classification system in Turkey

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