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PICC automobile insurance tree service benchmark is in line with internationalization

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, China's automobile sales have jumped to the first place in the world. Although the first quarter of this year showed that the overall automobile sales slowed down, industry insiders said that China's automobile ownership is large, and the future of the automobile industry is bright. The automobile insurance industry closely related to it has flourished. In 2010, the premium of PICC Property Insurance exceeded 150billion, ranking the eighth largest non life insurance company in the world, and the premium of single vehicle insurance business exceeded 100billion. At the same time, its emerging auto insurance sales channels have also achieved considerable development

auto insurance, a new sales model, shines brightly in the domestic market. On the one hand, it meets the actual needs of customers. On the other hand, in the face of huge market space, auto insurance enterprises have greatly improved the customer experience and formed a virtuous circle by constantly strengthening their internal strength. As a leader in the industry, PICC auto insurance actively promotes the healthy development of the auto insurance industry, and moves towards an international track to carry out public services such as material performance testing, quality evaluation, simulation verification, data analysis, characterization evaluation and testing certification

learn from the outside: the development of European and American auto insurance is mature.

the marketing of foreign insurance industry started in the 1980s. After more than 20 years of development, it is still the fastest-growing sales channel of the insurance industry, represented by developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Britain, the birthplace of the world's first automobile insurance policy, has a long history of automobile insurance. The development of British automobile insurance industry has been quite mature today, and there have been revolutionary changes in marketing channels, from intermediary sales to direct sales. At present, sales is its primary sales method, and more than 50% of the insurance policies are completed through, driving the maturity of the entire European auto insurance market

direct line is the first insurance company in Britain to take direct sales as the only sales channel. Its emergence marks a major change in the British insurance marketing model. Its core idea is: through advanced computer technology and direct sales, the profit margin of auto insurance products will be greatly improved; Abandoning the traditional insurance intermediary, customers can obtain faster and better insurance services and reasonable product prices. The core value of direct line starts from every link. High quality customer service is one of the core values pursued by direct line, and all employees have been trained in customer care. The whole insurance process depends on completion, which is considered to be the fastest and easiest way to communicate with customers. According to statistics, the customer retention rate of direct line is more than 85%, 20 percentage points higher than the industry average

the United States is the largest insurance market in the world, accounting for more than 30% of the global market share. In the field of automobile insurance, e-commerce has developed very rapidly. Even in the 2008 economic crisis, insurance companies using direct sales channels can still rise against the market. GEICO insurance company, founded in 1936, is one of the fastest-growing major vehicle insurance companies in the United States. It has completely abandoned the agency model and adopted the direct sales model to develop its business since its establishment. So far, more than 35% of customers have insured through the "Internet plus" electricity combination, and through effective marketing campaigns, GEICO's brand awareness has been further improved, and the company's performance has achieved considerable development

compared with the European and American markets, China's auto insurance started late, and the development of the foreign auto insurance market is still in the rising stage of development. The relevant person in charge of PICC P & c e-commerce center said: "Foreign auto insurance companies can achieve considerable development, and many theories and models are worth learning from. There are generally two aspects. On the one hand, foreign e-commerce application models have developed earlier, and their acceptance and recognition have been greatly improved. They are not unfamiliar with auto insurance. On the other hand, foreign auto insurance companies using the direct sales model will form a relatively perfect business system and structure, professionalism, service, marketing reputation and so on Standardized supervision and operation. "

development opportunities: the domestic auto insurance market is huge

ibm business value research institute predicts that by 2020, China's insurance industry will adopt a new channel model to win customers, and the emerging electronic channels will evolve into important insurance sales channels, accounting for 10% of the industry's channel sales. At the same time, driven by the strong external environment, auto insurance e-commerce will still be the fastest-growing sales channel in the next 10 years

auto insurance is blooming in the domestic market and ushering in great development. The root cause is the profound changes in the overall external environment and the stability of the actual market demand. First, with the rapid and stable growth of China's economy, the size of China's middle class continues to expand, and personal disposable income continues to rise. Chinese officials predict that by 2020, more than half of the country's population will enter the middle class. There is no doubt about the development potential of the personal property insurance market. As the main pillar of property insurance, the development prospect of the automobile insurance market is clearer

secondly, according to the survey, among the current car buyers, the middle-aged and young people account for more than 80% and are the main consumers of cars. According to the analysis of the life characteristics and psychological needs of the middle-aged and young people, they will prefer a convenient, economical, efficient and experiential lifestyle, and the automobile insurance is well in line with the actual needs of most of these people and has irreplaceable advantages, Make consumer groups have high stability. The authority predicts that by 2020, the proportion of e-sales premium in the company's family car premium will be about 4. The adjustment of impact magnitude G is mainly based on the adjustment of pendulum lifting angle of 2%

based on this, more and more insurance companies began to join the competition in the auto insurance market. Since 2007, the CIRC has started to issue e-marketing licenses for auto insurance. So far, 12 insurance companies including PICC Property Insurance, Ping An, Pacific, Dadi and sunshine have obtained the qualification to sell auto insurance, accounting for one third of domestic Chinese funded insurance companies. Facing the huge auto insurance market, China's major auto insurance telemarketing companies continue to improve their core values and competitiveness, and promote the healthy development of the industry. Among them, the PICC Property Insurance Company, a leading enterprise in the industry, has made remarkable achievements in PICC auto insurance. Market data showed that PICC motor insurance maintained a high-speed growth trend in the first quarter, with monthly premium income increasing by 106% month on month in March and 583.9% year-on-year in the first quarter. The rapid development of performance is gradually closing the distance between the international market, and service will eventually play an important role

service integration: PICC auto insurance promotes the healthy development of the industry

since the establishment of PICC e-commerce center, it has rapidly promoted the centralized operation of branches across the country, expanded the sales scope of special products, and achieved remarkable results in the centralized operation of telemarketing, basically covering major cities across the country. 4. With the comprehensive strength that the following situations do not fall within the scope of warranty services, it has laid more than 4500 service points across the country, which is the property insurance company with the most points, and provides high-quality services for car owners to the greatest extent. Based on the strong service ability of the national structure point, PICC auto insurance can continue to work in customer care and service, and walk side by side with the international service concept

on May 18 this year, PICC's annual customer festival was launched nationwide. In the telemarketing auto insurance business unit, the service was once again promoted to a new level, not only setting a new benchmark in the industry, but also keeping pace with international service standards. In this customer Festival, PICC Auto Insurance launched three service measures at the two levels of "claim timeliness" and "customer care"

according to the relevant person in charge of PICC auto insurance, for the claim settlement services that customers are most concerned about, PICC auto insurance releases and performs "auto insurance claims that do not involve human injury and material damage (including inter provincial claims cases), with a loss amount of less than 10000 yuan (inclusive). After the customer submits the claim documents, complete the document collection, adjustment, claim verification and inform the customer of the compensation amount within 1 hour." The one hour claim settlement service commitment is not only reflected in the overstepping of the claim settlement ability, but also can bring real claim settlement feelings to customers and improve service satisfaction

at the same time, in terms of claim settlement services, it launched the "National Union rescue service" to provide different times of free fault rescue services (including trailer, fuel delivery, charging, tire replacement, tire inflation) for customers of non operating passenger cars with less than 9 seats and family owned cars insured nationwide; Provide fast accident rescue (mainly for trailers) for vehicle insurance customers nationwide. With the support of information technology and the claim settlement skills of the handler to deal with this signal, the operation of the service network of "remote accident, geographical claim" is established, so as to provide customers with remote accident with a more rapid and convenient service of "agent survey, agent loss determination and agent compensation"

since the launch of PICC auto insurance customer Festival, we have received positive comments from local customers all over the country. The above person in charge of PICC e-commerce center said: "PICC auto insurance has always built and continuously improved the service system, created the exclusive symbol of PICC auto insurance, created and gradually consolidated the business philosophy of 'auto insurance steward', and constantly enriched and improved the 'auto insurance steward' service system according to the needs of customers and the development of the times, including call center landing service system, distribution service system, claim settlement service system, customer care service system, etc., to further straighten out the connection between the sales end and the service end So that sales and service can be physically separated and substantially unified. At the same time, efforts should be made to create a service standardization system and unify the extension and connotation of services. "

it is understood that in 2010, the satisfaction of customer sales service and document delivery of PICC auto insurance reached more than 99%, and the satisfaction of claim settlement reached more than 97%. This nationwide customer festival activity of PICC auto insurance is bound to consolidate the core value of service again, promote the service process of high standards, establish the exemplary role of industry benchmarks, and at the same time, it is the cornerstone of the internationalization process. Qianlong

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