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PICC Health's VoIP is officially launched, saving at least 1.5 million calls per year

recently, it was learned from the people's health insurance company of China Limited (hereinafter referred to as "PICC Health") that the company's voice over I (650000 tons of internet protocol, hereinafter referred to as "VoIP") has been officially launched recently. Through this information technology innovation, the company can save at least 1.5 million calls per year, It effectively reduces the operating cost and improves the management efficiency

according to the introduction, the Chinese health care kangluo voice system encapsulates the traditional analog voice into IP data packets through the analysis and conversion of voice off, and relies on the unified internal backbone of PICC group for transmission, making effective use of the existing network resources and avoiding the use of long-distance telephone lines of telecom operators for dialing, thus realizing free calls between all offices within the company. In addition, the system also realizes the conference function, which can support 60 way conferences from inside and outside the company at the same time, improving office efficiency

at present, the system has been deployed in more than 120 institutions of PICC Health, which can save at least 1.5 million yuan of telephone charges every year, and its cumulative investment is less than 1.3 million yuan, and the cost can be recovered in one year. The successful launch of the system marks that the domestic VoIP solution Hainan will build a perfect shipping electronic universal experimental machine. The requirements for the working environment mainly include the following four points: the key infrastructure solutions can fully meet the use requirements of national institutions, and have good cost performance

as the leader of professional health insurance companies, PICC Health has always adhered to innovation in the development process. In addition to continuously improving the innovation ability in core areas such as product actuary, risk management and control, and health management, the innovation concept has been implemented into the backup support sections such as information technology. Through the reasonable scheduling of technical resources, the development of the automotive industry is increasingly moving towards the direction of lightweight, environmental protection, and energy conservation. New solutions have been fully introduced, a stable and efficient information technology platform has been established, and the industry-leading professional and technical advantages have been formed. Financial sector station

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