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Pickles are easy to change color. Sealed small packages and quick freezing are used to solve the problem

[ppzhan Abstract] for many people, pickles are indispensable on the table. Tongling Wutong tree Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. pickled 100000 Jin of snow vegetables according to the traditional method, but because there was no preservative added during pickling, it quickly changed color after being taken out and could not be sold. Through many contacts, understanding and experiments, the company finally solved the problem of pickle discoloration by sealing small packages and freezing

Tongling Wutong tree Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is located in Shuicun village, Zhongming Town, Tongling County. At present, the company is carrying out the construction of pollution-free vegetable production base, leisure and sightseeing tourism, Shuicun new rural construction and other major functional areas. It is a modern agricultural demonstration park integrating production, living, eco-tourism and other functions. In the process of accelerating development, the company transferred another piece of land of about 500 mu last year. Due to the inability to establish plastic greenhouses on the leveled land for the time being, the company planted snowy vegetables to avoid idling the land. In January this year, Tongling Wutong tree Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. planted a bumper harvest of snow vegetables, about 100000 Jin. Considering that all the vegetables produced are pollution-free, the company adopts the traditional method of adding only salt and no preservative to pickle these snowy vegetables according to the requirements of pollution-free. Fang Hongzhen, general manager of the company, said

surprisingly, more than a month later, when the company took out a batch of pickles and sold them through wholesalers and vegetable outlets, it encountered a problem. At present, there are many pickles on the market, most of which are salted with preservatives to ensure that they will not rot in the air for a long time. The person in charge of the company said, however, the pickled vegetables of the company were placed in the air for a long time because they were not added with preservatives. Natvar has four pickles in the United States, Asia and Europe. After all, what goes beyond the conventional configuration is that the manufacturing base that needs additional money will change. It can provide relevant information about the reaction of metals and synthetic materials to mechanical loads. Especially at high temperatures, it is prone to decay. For this reason, vegetable wholesalers are unwilling to purchase the company's pickles. In order to sell pickled vegetables in time, the company even plans to deal with them by converting them to wholesalers at a low price or drying them into dried vegetables

in order to find sales channels, the company contacted and understood the treatment methods to solve the discoloration of pickles. After many contacts and experiments, the company found the answer from a company in Shitai County, which can adopt sealed small packaging and quick freezing methods to solve the problem of discoloration of pickles shelved in the air. After the pickles are packaged to reduce the production cost of the enterprise, they are put into the cold storage for quick freezing, which can not only maintain their original taste, but also maintain their color. Fang Hongzhen said

considering that it is summer at present, pickles still need to be refrigerated after quick freezing, and the market demand is small, at present, Wutong tree agricultural development company still stores the remaining tens of thousands of kilograms of pickles in the cellar. It is expected that in October, after the temperature drops, there is no need to refrigerate, and then push them to the market for sale. Originally, we were worried about pickles turning black. Now this bottleneck problem has been solved, and the company will continue to develop the vegetable product of sauerkraut in the future. Fang Hongzhen said confidently

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