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Pico/bird, how about the evaluation of the 4K customized version of the second generation of little monster? Hands on experience

this [pre-sale customized version] Pico monster conducted two kinds of experiments on the residual film recovery equipment on site. The experimental equipment has the effect on the residual film recovery operation of different thicknesses and the adaptability to soil conditions. Beast 4 is the K VR glasses all-in-one machine that is difficult to develop in the industry. It was first obtained by internal friends. It's easy to use and recommended by friends around you. When you get it, I can't wait to see the movie effect. It's OK. When talking about xpressn lux, Beckman said that in recent years, he feels much better than others. Panoramic videos are very awesome. After installing base stations and steam in a few days, there may be rain. There may be a little card. Try again when it's fast at night. Now I don't know which steam game to play! Overall, I felt quite satisfied. quotation details>

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II. Price:

this [pre-sale customized] Pico monster 4K VR glasses all-in-one machine (customized gift box) virtual reality 3D somatosensory game machine is currently active in tmall. The promotional price is ¥ 3149.00, the deposit is ¥ 100.00, the deposit is reduced by 50, and tmall 618 reservation saves 450 yuan and gives a gift package worth 328 yuan, (click here to view the latest activity quotation) you may wish to pay attention to what you need. It is more valuable to start with activities

III. detailed configuration:

brand: pico/bird look

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