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Youyou girl: Weier technology helps e-commerce sellers to change "passive consulting" into "active marketing"

Huzhou, Zhejiang, also known as the children's clothing city. There are nearly 10000 children's clothing enterprises operating here, and hundreds of thousands of people engaged in the children's clothing industry. The interviewee today is general manager Fu, the principal of Huzhou youtongku Clothing Co., Ltd. he operates one of Huzhou's top girls' brands - youyou girls, and has achieved a turnover of nearly 100million in just one year. His business experience may be seen from this article

(screenshot of President Fu, the principal of youyou girl)

maintaining old customers is the top priority of the benign operation of the store.

according to statistics, the maintenance cost of old customers on Taobao is only 15% of the cost of mining new customers; The successful purchase rate of old customers is 10 times that of new customers; For a successful business, 70% of new customers are recommended by old customers; A successful business has at least 30% loyal customers. From the above data, it can be seen that maintaining good old customers, improving user loyalty and increasing the probability of users' second purchase are topics that must be studied for every e-commerce seller who wants to grow

as one of the largest e-commerce sellers for girls in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, youyou girl has achieved a turnover of nearly 100million in just one year, of which the support of old customers is essential. Various marketing methods, such as through train and drill show, bring in traffic. However, if the old customers are not well maintained and there is no user precipitation, that is, the action of secondary marketing, which increases the relationship between merchants and buyers, the marketing effect cannot be maximized. President Fu, the principal of youyou girl, said that in the past, our marketing was very passive. Customers only came to the event when they had time or were very satisfied with the goods they bought. Now they can actively contact customers and push marketing activities, and 100% of consumers can receive them. Moreover, it can classify buyers hierarchically and carry out targeted marketing according to different preferences of different buyers. The realization of this series of actions depends on the micro global intelligent robot

head live vs. merchant live, both have their own advantages

in 2020, e-commerce live broadcast suddenly burst into flames due to the epidemic, while youyou girls had tested the water for live broadcast as early as 2017. Content e-commerce or live broadcasting is actually a change in marketing scenarios. In the past, there were jusuan, Tiantian special offers, and Taobao. Whenever they develop into a trend, new scenes will come out. Youyou started live broadcasting in 2017. The content of live broadcasting is to introduce products, mainly planting grass. Most of the current live broadcasts are mainly about bringing goods. I think the live broadcasts, like the previous content marketing, are just shopping scenes, The live broadcast was cut off "In the process of video processing, buyers can more intuitively feel the most real appearance of the product and the charm of the product itself." Mr. Fu said.

for the head anchor and the business anchor, Mr. Fu believes that there are the following differences. First of all, there are differences in audience positioning. The external goods anchor is a full category, and the audience includes all men, women, young and old, and the number of people watching the live broadcast by the business is a huge number. The audience is completely determined by the product Bit. In terms of traffic, the business anchor is bound to have less explosive power than the external head anchor, but the business anchor positioning is more accurate. Mr. Fu put forward some suggestions for businesses to be anchors: we are a fan store, and our live broadcast is a normal description of goods, so the atmosphere of the live broadcast is not as good as the external anchor with goods. On the one hand, I hope that the merchant live broadcast can learn the call of live broadcast with goods and drive the live broadcast atmosphere; On the other hand, I hope that during the live broadcast, businesses can expand beyond their own products to the whole category

(live screenshot of youyou girls' Taobao store)

youth and ambition coexist. We expect Weier to become better and better

2019, youyou girls will reach cooperation with Weier technology. It should be started to warm up the equipment for one minute. Youyou girls reached a cooperation not long after the microenterprise came out, and the effect is very good. Microenterprises can quickly and accurately respond to buyers who have exceeded their adult goals, provide good services, effectively improve the human efficiency of customer service, reduce the pressure on customer service, and reduce costs for us

talking about his impression of Weier technology, Mr. Fu said: Weier technology is a very young and ambitious company that will cause errors in test results. Youyou's longest used intelligent customer service is the microenterprise's global intelligent customer service. We often communicate with wechat ER technology, because wechat really brings benefits and help to the store. I am optimistic about micro ER technology and hope that it can be better and better

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