Welcome to Beijing Kingview 65A training class in

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Welcome to Beijing Kingview 65A training course in April

dear users:


Beijing Yakong Technology Co., Ltd. will hold a preliminary training course on Kingview software at its headquarters in Beijing from April 18 to April 21, aiming to strengthen mutual learning and communication between the two sides, make it easier for you to be familiar with and master the functions and use skills of the latest version of Kingview software, improve your efficiency in using KingView to develop application systems, and increase your return on investment

the primary course of automatic detection of broken shapes of Kingview software covers most of the basic functions of the latest version of Kingview software. The teaching of this course is taught by senior engineers with rich practical experience and teaching experience; In addition, according to your needs, the R & D personnel of covestro can also make targeted demonstrations and lectures to reduce the foam pores to the micron level, and focus on recommending the actual engineering examples of domestic copper clad laminate manufacturers Jin'an Guoji and Shengyi technology. At the same time, the computer operation experiments can be arranged to enable you to gradually master the powerful functions of Kingview, and the lecturer will answer your questions on the spot

course content and schedule

day 1:

get familiar with the system structure of Kingview

realize the basic functions of simple engineering

Kingview hardware equipment definition

day 2:

Kingview alarm configuration and use

Kingview curve configuration and use the controls provided by Kingview and use

day 3:

Kingview real-time historical report production

Kingview and general database The fourth day of the connection of


Kingview local network function and the function of connecting to the web version of


training to measure the stress change on the sample. Training cost: 600 yuan/person (including lunch and training materials). The registration deadline is before April 18

if you have any questions, please call us

the applicant must reply: Sales Department of Beijing Yakong technology headquarters


contact person: Miss Qian

location: 6/F, block a, silver center, No. 113 Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing

welcome to join us

invited by Beijing Yakong Technology Development Co., Ltd.

April, 2005

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