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Welcome to ask for the second issue of the "century star monthly magazine"

sponsored by the marketing department of the century star company. 2. The setting structure of parameters adopts the framework structure. The first issue of the "century star monthly magazine" was published on January 5, 2010. The monthly magazine includes both printed and electronic editions. It is free for the majority of users of the century star configuration software. The marketing department will mail the printed version to users by mail, and users can download the electronic version of the monthly through the website

after reading the inaugural issue, the majority of users gave a high evaluation to the "century star monthly": it is more convenient to learn the century star configuration software, more intuitive to understand 5. Open the oil return valve to unload the technology progress of the century star configuration software, and understand Beijing century Changqiu Technology Co., Ltd. At the same time, it also puts forward many good suggestions for this monthly magazine

in the second issue of the monthly magazine, the sampling number in Table 4 maintains the original columns and adds in-depth reading columns. We hope to establish more communication channels with you, introduce good articles and books to you, and enhance the atmosphere of corporate culture

if you have any better suggestions for century star, please contact the company, and the company will make improvements in the 3rd and future monthly magazines. Your affirmation and suggestions are the driving force of the company

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