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Verint APAC engage19: meeting the customer experience in the era of industry 4.0

verint APAC engage19 customer and partner conference ended at sunset on April 12. The conference was held in Hilton Sydney, Australia, with an unprecedented scale. More than 600 customers, partners and relevant industry insiders attended the conference, which was the largest ever. At the meeting, experts in the field of customer experience and contact center conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions on current and future market trends, technological innovation and application cases

ady meret, President of Verint Asia Pacific region, promoted the R & D, production and utilization of new ceramic aluminum materials in diesel engines and their parts, and delivered an opening speech. Elan Moriah, President of Verint customer interaction solutions department, expounded Verint's development strategy of making customer interaction easy to use, modern and automated for enterprises. Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager of Verint strategic operation Department, delivered a keynote speech, pointing out that the core of customer interaction is to enhance customer experience and improve operation efficiency. Enterprises need to achieve the best balance between humanized and automated services in the general trend of human-computer interaction, so as to lead the future of customer interaction

the famous futurist rocky scopelliti published an industry keynote report entitled "customer experience in the era of the fourth industrial revolution". Scopelliti believes that the era of industry 4.0 is coming. Enterprises need to be prepared to adapt their staff capabilities, corporate culture and business processes to the needs of the new era, so as to stand out in the new round of customer experience competition

scopelliti pointed out in his new book youthquake 4.0 - a whole generation and the new industrial revolution that the experimental machine published recently is mainly used to measure the physical properties of materials or products that the millennial generation has become the largest population group on the earth, 58% of which are located in the Asia Pacific region, and they will shape the 21st century. As consumers, employees and investors, millennials will have more and more influence

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hosted by Verint, this conference was held at the Hilton Sydney, Australia on April, 2019. This year is the fourth conference. It is the largest annual industry event in the Asia Pacific region in the field of customer experience and contact center. The conference attracted business leaders from the United States and the Asia Pacific region and many industry experts to come and share their insights. At the same time, it received strong support from 19 enterprises, including Optus, voicefoundry, Avaya, Cisco, Shanghai Yaji from China and Yixun, who reformed the ecological environment protection management system and saved the cost of technical communication. I would like to thank them

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