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Meituan cloud will launch AI functions such as face recognition and intelligent customer service.

meituan cloud announced that it will launch AI strategy. The three types of AI will be produced at the same time of stabilizing its position in the electronic and electrical industry, fully open its cloud capabilities, share technological dividends, and will launch face recognition, voice intelligent customer service and other functions. According to Wang Xinpu, senior R & D director of meituan cloud, the AI landscape created by meituan cloud mainly includes three categories of products: host, platform and service

it is reported that among the host products, in addition to the high-performance GPU virtual machine that can be applied for use, FPGA (field programmable gate array) service will be launched in the past two years. The unit power consumption performance of FPGA is more than 10 times that of GPU. The cluster composed of multiple FPGAs can achieve the image processing ability of GPU and maintain the characteristics of low power consumption. According to Intel's prediction, by 2020, 1/3 of cloud data center nodes will adopt FPGA technology

in terms of platform products, meituan cloud will also officially open an in-depth learning platform in July to output the AI capabilities of meituan cloud and provide users with an in-depth learning framework including paddlepaddle, tensorflow, Caffe and torch. Meituan cloud deep learning platform can ensure that the temperature of engineers' bodies will continue to rise, so as to realize one-stop development, testing and deployment

among the upper service products, meituan cloud will soon launch AI services closely related to people's life scenes, such as face recognition, OCR character recognition, image recognition, which weighs only 1/3 of traditional metal products, voice recognition, intelligent customer service, natural language processing, machine translation, etc

meituan Dianping launched its public cloud project meituan cloud in 2013 to prepare for the opening of meituan Dianping cloud service capabilities. In 2015, meituan cloud officially operated independently and provided cloud computing services for the whole industry. So far, it has covered retail, catering, hotel, tourism, finance, education and other industries, and more than 40000 users have provided cloud computing services, including enterprises and government agencies such as Huazhu Hotel, Super 8 group, Yiren loan, flight steward, food and health

take the application scenario of face recognition as an example. It is reported that it includes the identity verification of meituan Dianping's businesses, such as the real name system of riders and stores; In the financial field, do identity verification and in vivo detection; In the field of security, it can be used to identify people; Intelligent customer service is integrated in stations or apps with customer service entrances, such as e-commerce, finance and other platforms. Problems that cannot be handled by intelligent customer service will be transferred to manual services to save the manual service costs and resources of the platform

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