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Meizhou domestic waste incineration power generation project was commissioned on October 12. Mei, as one of the ten popular projects of municipal construction, is gratified that the Zhoushi environmental protection energy in mold manufacturing (domestic waste incineration) power generation project is currently undergoing intense equipment commissioning, and the whole project is scheduled to be commissioned on October 12

this morning, I saw in the medium temperature oven of 1# unit that the incineration equipment and various environmental protection facilities have been installed and are being debugged. In the main control room, technicians are closely observing whether the data are normal. At present, the main works of the project have been completed, and the garbage receiving and medium temperature oven have been put into operation

the project is located in Qilong pit, Xiyang Town, covering a total area of about 110 mu, with a total construction scale of 1500 tons/day. It is implemented in two phases, with a total investment of about 430million yuan. The main works of phase I include two waste incineration and power generation production lines and a leachate treatment station. The daily treatment capacity of domestic waste is 1000 tons, the installed capacity is 18mW, and the annual power generation is about 136.3 million kwh. Ajinomoto and Bridgestone have jointly developed and used bio isoprene to produce synthetic rubber, including garbage receiving, incineration and waste heat utilization, flue gas purification and treatment, sewage treatment, ash collection and treatment systems

Zhang Qing, head of the Engineering Department of the environmental protection and energy power generation project, told that there are two main types of rubber discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney after the domestic waste enters the incinerator for high-temperature combustion, and the heat generated is absorbed by water and transmitted to the steam turbine generator unit for power generation through the steam pipeline. The other flue gas is discharged to the atmosphere through the spray tower, bag filter and denitration in the furnace. The whole process meets the environmental protection standard

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