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A brief analysis of the domestic lubricating oil market in 2008

compared with the past year, there was no new change in the lubricating oil industry in 2008. Globally, the demand for lubricating oil still maintained a stable growth trend, and the base oil price will also maintain a relatively stable high operation under the influence of high oil prices. In the domestic lubricant market, the brand competition is fierce, but the pressure on private enterprises will be greater, the product line contraction is inevitable, and the profit will be greatly affected

I. overall external environment:

1 International oil prices will fluctuate between $60 and $90, and many institutions have raised crude oil prices by

2 The price of base oil remained high, and the price of chemical and additive products followed suit

3 Foreign oil companies pay more attention to the Chinese market, reflecting the survival of the fittest

4. The domestic economy will continue to grow and the growth rate will slow down

5. The mechanical equipment manufacturing industry will still maintain a rapid growth trend. Drive oil consumption

6. Entering the era of high cost, the gross profit margin of enterprises has declined as a whole

II. Market trend of lubricating oil industry

1 The view of domestic upstream enterprises on market competition will effectively change the living environment of private enterprises, or expand or shrink, and become one of the strategic choices of enterprises

2. The balance of interests affects the development of the market, which determines that the development of Kunlun and the Great Wall will become the mainstream, but the living space of private enterprises still exists, but it must be changed, and we cannot compete with others' strengths with our own shortcomings

3. The tide of mergers and acquisitions of transnational oil giants will come to an end, and it is difficult to choose another lubricant enterprise with personality at present

Fang daining Introduction 4 It is foreseeable that in the era of high cost, the gross profit margin of domestic enterprises will decline

5. From the perspective of the development of the base oil market, it is unlikely to rise again, but there will still be a round of market after the Spring Festival, which has been reflected in the international market. It may be stable or possible, but the support is insufficient, especially the willingness of buyers is not strong. If it exceeds the reasonable profit range, it will force some enterprises to reduce or transform

6. The mixed situation of brands leads to disorder and vicious competition, affecting the overall environment

7. The requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation are further improved, the development of alternative energy, the application of various new fuels such as natural gas, methanol gasoline and ethanol gasoline, and the quality of automotive oil products need to be improved

8. Technology marketing is more valued, and going deep into enterprises has become the majority choice

9. The growth of lubricating oil consumption slowed down

III. Development of lubricating oil products

1. The development of new environmental protection and energy-saving products has become a new bright spot, but a long-term foothold can only be achieved through breakthroughs in technology and application

2. Affected by cost pressure, domestic private enterprises will further reduce the decline of CD Capesize ships and the market share of SF and below low-grade products. For high-frequency experiments, they will turn to CF, CF-4, CH-4, SG, SH, SJ levels

3. The application of multi-stage oil will be more extensive, and the single-stage oil market will further shrink

4. New technologies and concepts of products will be continuously injected

5. The competition of products in the field of industrial oil is intensifying, including foreign enterprises, Kunlun, Changcheng and other private enterprises will increase their efforts in the industrial market

6. The price of lubricating oil products will be further raised in 2008, which is the general trend

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