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Meiyingsen (002303) announced on the 25th that the company, Chongqing western modern logistics industrial park development and Construction Co., Ltd. and Chongqing western modern logistics park management committee signed the agreement on the entry of Chongqing meiyingsen modern environmental packaging logistics comprehensive base project into Chongqing western modern logistics park on February 22, 2010

the total investment of Chongqing meiyingsen modern environmental protection packaging logistics comprehensive base project is 4. Maximum travel: 800mm (excluding grippers). The investment amount is 400million yuan, and it is planned to use the over raised funds of the initial public offering of 200million yuan. The project plans to build 24000 square meters of green plant, 13000 square meters of raw material warehouse and 20000 square meters of finished product warehouse. Through the introduction of production, research and development and testing equipment with a high degree of automation, it will build an innovative and exemplary corrugated packaging product production and multimodal transportation, warehousing, processing, distribution Based on the Logistics comprehensive basis of information service and other functions, and according to the relationship between bolt tightening torque and pre tightening force, the maximum tightening torque value of non-metallic materials is calculated

it is understood that the construction period of the project is two years. It is expected that after all the projects are completed, 150million square meters of light environmental protection packaging products can be produced annually. The project is expected to achieve a capacity of 60% of the design capacity in the second year, 80% in the third year and 100% in the fourth year. The company predicts that after the project is put into operation, it will achieve a marketing revenue of 506.4 million yuan in the first year, 675.2 million yuan in the second year, 844 million yuan in the third year, and 844 million yuan in the fourth year and subsequent years under the condition of continuously improving product performance and quality

the announcement said that after the implementation of the project, the company will further expand its scale, improve its production capacity, expand its southwest business market, meet the requirements of the rapid growth of the company and the industry, and form a new profit growth point of the company

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