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Metso automation launched R series V-shaped ball valves

recently, Metso Paper ③ rebound hardness Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a newly designed R series V-shaped ball valve. R series V-shaped ball valves adopt single seat and two-way sealing design, and models include DN25 to DN700

v-shaped ball valve can improve control performance and reduce fluctuation. It also has dual functions of control and switch. The two-way leakage grade of v-ball Valve conforms to 10x ISO rate D/FCI 70.2 class IV standard

a paper mill installed dn600rev ball valve on the steam discharge system, saving 50% of the cost

r series V-shaped ball valves are widely used in pulp mills, such as many such valves beside intermittent cooking pots and continuous cooking pots. In addition, in the bleaching workshop, the factory can control the chemical mixer with the "long way to go" R series V-shaped ball valve.

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