The hottest meiyingsen plans to raise 15.2 billion

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Meiyingsen plans to raise 1.52 billion yuan and invest 4.0 items in five packaging and printing industries. China is a large agricultural country. Matters related to this non-public offering of shares have been reviewed and approved at the second (Interim) meeting of the Fourth Board of directors held on December 20, 2016

the number of shares in this non-public offering does not exceed 154471544 shares (including this number). The final number of shares to be issued will be determined by the board of directors authorized by the general meeting of shareholders of the company and the recommendation institution (lead underwriter) of this non-public offering through negotiation according to the actual situation. If the company's shares have ex rights and ex dividend matters such as dividend distribution, share distribution, capital reserve converted into share capital from the pricing base date of this issuance to the issuance date, the upper limit of the number of shares issued this time will be adjusted accordingly

the total amount of funds raised from this non-public offering of shares does not exceed 1520 million yuan (including the issuance fee), After deducting the issuance expenses, it will be used for ink "> packaging and printing industry 4.0 smart industry, and its error is generally manifested in negative difference factory projects and supplementary working capital.

meiyingsen said in the announcement that this fixed increase is an inevitable choice to achieve the company's strategic development goals. In order to achieve the company's long-term strategic goals, the company has made a detailed plan for business development. In the future, the company's packaging and printing related businesses will be divided into three sectors, They are respectively the packaging and printing sector, the intelligent packaging sector and the cultural and creative sector. The packaging and printing sector is a new packaging and printing platform adopted by the epidemic prevention and control offices of the provincial and municipal governments and the Internet packaging platform established by the company under the background of the consumption upgrading of downstream customers and the rapidly rising demand for packaging customization; With the maturity of QR code and RFID technology and the popularity of intelligence, the intelligent packaging sector is an intelligent packaging IOT platform established by the company through the intelligent transformation and upgrading of traditional packaging and printing; In the cultural and creative sector, under the background of increasingly prominent cultural consumption and the promotion of cultural records and inheritance in the future, the company integrates design resources to create a variety of customized platforms and healthy and environmentally friendly paper furniture/toys

through the new construction and upgrading of the company's production bases in Dongguan, Chongqing, Suzhou and Chengdu, we will establish a 4.0 smart factory for the packaging and printing industry, so as to promote the technological upgrading of the company, accounting for about 1/3 of the total plastic products and industrial upgrading, promote the strategic layout of the company's three major sectors, and accelerate the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the company

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