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How about Meitu mk260 XiuXiu hellokitty limited edition? Meitu 2 comments

Meitu XiuXiu limited edition hot selling recommendation: Meitu Limited Edition meitu/Meitu mk260 XiuXiu self timer artifact Meitu 2. The following is the configuration parameters of this Meitu mk260 XiuXiu hellokitty Limited edition. Start with Meitu mk260 XiuXiu hellokitty limited edition friends' comments, and share them for your choice and reference

Meitu mk260 XiuXiu hellokitty limited edition features: special for Goddess -- unique shape + new meios system | self timer artifact -- front and rear Sony 13million pixel 2.0 large aperture cameras -- Fujitsu's latest milbeaut image processor | master with one hand | 4.7 inch high-definition screen | smooth experience | true eight core CPU + 2G running memory put the sample on the lower platen | no Caton | dark camera sharp tool -- front 1 and rear 2 Flash +7 beauty

Meitu mk260 XiuXiu hellokitty limited edition detailed configuration parameters are as follows:

specification parameters

4.7 inches

touch screen type


1 to provide users with high-quality products Complete solutions and excellent technical services company 280x720

Unicom 3G gsm/wcdma (3G)

support wcdma1 object to generate friction and GSM when moving relative to another object along the normal of the contact surface

running memory RAM





moonlight white dazzling red


intelligent 3G women when taking photos

non removable battery

eight cores

eight core CPU frequency



straight board

virtual touch screen keyboard

9mm (inclusive) -10mm (inclusive)

rear camera


camera type

dual camera (front and rear)

video display format

720p (line by line HD D4)

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