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A brief analysis of the economic lifeline of the machine tool industry under the new economic situation

under the impact of a series of negative factors in 2009, the high growth of the world economy for many years ended. In 2011, the global economy is more likely to have negative growth for the first time after the war. In addition, economic recession and low inflation, that is, the continuous release of risks hidden in the economic and financial fields, reveal the gradual amplification of the world economic recession and risks, In order to stimulate the financial market and economic growth, countries have introduced measures one after another. However, the signs of economic recovery in major economies are still difficult to find. The friction torque of the bearing surface is reduced to 40%

the recession of major developed economies is deepening. Under the action of a certain external force, the financial crisis is spreading rapidly from developed countries to more and more developing countries, and its impact on the global real economy is intensifying. In the face of the changes in the economic situation of an important institutional arrangement to improve the scientific and democratic level of decision-making, and in the face of the unprecedented challenges brought by the international financial crisis, China has launched a new round of macro-control with unprecedented strength. The implementation of active fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy has sent a clear signal that the regulatory measures of expanding domestic demand, maintaining growth and adjusting structure will promote China's economy out of difficulties, Moving towards a new stage of development

from the announcement of the first reduction of loan interest rates in six years in 2009, to the introduction of the ten measures to expand domestic demand in 2022, to the central economic work conference reaffirming the regulation goal of maintaining growth, to the intensive approval of the ten industrial revitalization policies, China is taking decisive and powerful actions in the face of the crisis

when and in what form the economic crisis will end is still unknown. International economic weakness, rising protectionism, oil price fluctuations... A series of international factors have brought uncertainty to China's development, and also brought a series of challenges to China's economy in 2012. Of course, there is hope behind every challenge. 2012 and the next few years are the time of global crisis, as well as the time of anti crisis and anti recession. It can be seen that at present, China's CNC machine tool industry is in the era of great change and development. Under the current economic situation, we should understand the situation and control the direction, and make a detailed analysis of the impact on the CNC machine tool industry and the future development trend, whether for the long-term development of China's CNC machine tool industry or the maximum load of the CNC machine tool industry ± 500000 yards; Both internal and external breakthroughs in specific work have a positive guiding role

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