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Metso's second quarter performance has a good momentum towards good service business

Metso's second quarter performance has a good momentum towards good service business

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recently, Metso released its interim financial report for January to June 2014 (January 1 to June 30, 2014)

in the second quarter of 2014, we accelerated the research and development of key technologies and equipment for the preparation of new materials, such as advanced smelting, solidification molding, vapor deposition, profile processing, and efficient synthesis. The financial report showed that the market environment remained unchanged and the performance continued to improve. The service business has a good momentum of development

the total amount of orders received by the company was 947million euros (968million euros). Among them, the service business orders are 534million euros (522million euros). The total net sales is 962million euros (988million euros is determined to control the raw materials in their own hands). Among them, the service business accounted for 507 million euros (507 million euros). EBITDA before non recurring expenses was EUR 131 million or 13.6% of net sales (EUR 118 million, 11.9%). Non recurring expenses amounted to € 25million (€ 21million)

2014 financial expectations remain unchanged (issued on February 6, 2014). It is expected that the net sales in 2014 will be slightly lower than that in 2013; The profit margin before non recurring expenditure and EBITDA in 2014 will be about 12% of net sales

this financial forecast is based on the current market outlook, outstanding orders in 2014, measures to reduce costs and improve economic benefits, and interest rates remain at the same level as in June 2014

mattik 觌 HK 觟 Nen, chairman and CEO of Metso, said, "The market situation in the second quarter is the same as that in the first quarter. We are very satisfied with the data in the second quarter. At the same time, we continue to improve and improve our profitability. The mining, construction and automation businesses performed well, and the order volume of automation increased significantly in this quarter, reaching a historical peak. In addition, the development of service business continues to be good. The market demand for mining equipment is stable, and the order volume in the second quarter is higher than that in the first quarter It has increased, but we do not expect the market to rebound quickly. In terms of mine orders, small and medium-sized orders are the main ones, reflecting the current market situation and current uncertainty

generally speaking, the service business in the second quarter made a great contribution to improving profitability, even though the total volume was low. The new strategy we released today aims to focus on high-profit core businesses and coordinate our internal improvement, which will help meizhuo develop rapidly as a strong player and bring greater value to our stock if there is a gap. "

Metso expects the demand for mining equipment and projects to continue to be weak, but remain stable. Given our extensive equipment installed capacity and strong service market position, it is expected that the demand for mine services will remain positive. The demand for construction equipment and related services will be satisfactory. The demand for fluid control products and related services is still good, and the demand for process automation systems remains satisfactory. Solve the problem of sticking

Metso is a leading supplier of process and performance solutions, and its customer industries cover mining, construction, oil and natural gas. We are committed to continuously developing intelligent solutions to improve customers' profitability and achieve sustainable business development. Metso has more than 16000 professionals in 50 countries around the world, and its shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX in Helsinki. "Create excellence" is our commitment to customers

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