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Meiyi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. launched cs25 and cs40 two new sealing machines

China Packaging compiler: Pearson Packaging Systems Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a series of newly designed sealing machines, which will be grandly launched on February 1st, 2006. It includes two basic machines. 4. Which micrometer is used to accurately measure the inner diameter of each stainless steel wire eye? It will not only improve the efficiency by 3 (5) times, but also cs25 and cs40. Cs25 sealing machine can be used for sealing a variety of RSC and CSSC boxes. By using pressure-sensitive tape or hot melt adhesive, its sealing speed is as high as 25 boxes per minute. Cs40 sealing machine can be used for RSC or CSSC box sealing through pressure-sensitive tape, and its speed can reach 40 boxes per minute

the price of this series of stainless steel sealing machines is very competitive, with small floor space and high efficiency. It can be applied to a variety of different production equipment. It is fast and simple to install, and it is easy to change the operation mode. Fullerenes discovered in 1985 and carbon nanotubes discovered in 1991 have expanded the family of carbon materials

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