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Meitushi issued the industry low carbon development initiative

meitushi issued the industry low carbon development initiative

July 30, 2012

[China paint information] on July 25, the Chinese enterprise carbon emission management and Action Forum launched and held by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) was grandly held in Guangzhou. As a leading brand of health paint in China, Guangdong meitushi building materials Co., Ltd. won the honor of carbon footprint certification of the first batch of CQC products in Guangdong, and issued a proposal for low-carbon development as a representative of private enterprises in Guangdong

the forum invited leading enterprises and domestic experts to discuss low-carbon emission reduction. Ms. hefengling, head of the marketing department of metus, was invited to attend the meeting and issued an initiative to improve the green gold road of the industry and realize the upgrading from "low-carbon vision" to "low-carbon action"

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the Chinese enterprise carbon emission management and Action Forum was successfully held

low carbon emission reduction is a trend

"who is the next leading role in the economy? -- low carbon economy!" At the meeting, Ms. He Fengling, a member of metus, pointed out that if low-carbon was once just a vision, then the various binding indicators of energy conservation and emission reduction formulated by the state and governments at all levels in the "12th Five Year Plan" development plan promote the "low-carbon vision" to become a "low-carbon action". "The lower the carbon, the more money" is gradually becoming a new thinking of enterprises

in the proposal, Ms. hefengling said that in the "12th Five Year Plan" for the coating industry, four aspects of planning were proposed, namely, cleaner production, circular economy, environmental friendliness, energy conservation and emission reduction. Under the current severe energy situation and the requirements of building an energy-saving society, the implementation of "low-carbon action" is the trend of the times. Enterprises must adjust their business strategies and provide solutions on the issue of sustainable development

as a leading brand of domestic health paint and a national enterprise in China's paint industry, Metz has always taken participation in national affairs and social responsibility as its foundation in the course of many years of development, and has devoted itself to the public welfare with the attitude that the cutting method and rolling direction of negative enterprises and samples are related to the industry and the public. On the one hand, adhere to the brand concept that "health is the last word" from product quality to production link; On the other hand, the benefits of science and technology, the use of green strategies to stimulate innovation, create value for the industry and establish a competitive advantage. At the same time, it is normal to adhere to environmental protection and public welfare, and use the influence of its own brand to bring the concept of healthy paint products and green home decoration to thousands of households and improve the green gold road of the industry

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meitushi company has become the first batch of enterprises in Guangdong to pass CQC product carbon footprint certification

high quality products are the foundation

at present, "health, environmental protection, green" has become the main line of development. As a corporate citizen, should meitui regularly open the inertia cover and pulley cover to remove the ash outlet under the flange? China and Mongolia are comprehensive strategic partners. People deeply feel that enterprises should do their best in the development of society, Through continuous technological innovation and research and development, it has become unique in health paint

at the certification ceremony of the first batch of CQC product carbon footprint certification enterprises in Guangdong at the seminar, Metz became one of the first three enterprises in Guangdong that passed CQC product carbon footprint certification. Among them, the following products of meitushi have been certified to meet the low-carbon evaluation indicators of such products: white bamboo charcoal clean taste smooth hand feel healthy wall paint, baby health Star Children's room special wall paint, white bamboo charcoal health star full effect healthy wall paint, white bamboo charcoal active oxygen healthy wall paint, tea Garden aldehyde net zero emission healthy wall paint, clean taste star five in one healthy wall paint

quality is the life of products. Meticulus advocates healthy paint. In order to realize the commitments of "green home decoration" and "environmental protection paint", meticulus invests a lot of money every year to develop new environmental protection products. In the development trend of green low-carbon coating products, Metz has made full preparations to provide consumers with high-quality health products with high cost performance. Nowadays, the product quality of Metz paint has been widely recognized. The existing green and healthy products, such as interior and exterior wall paint, wood paint, architectural paint, furniture paint, building insulation materials, and decoration companies, cover the all-round three-dimensional sales channels of the whole industry

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meitushi has become the first batch of enterprises in the coating industry to pass CQC product carbon footprint certification

scientific and technological innovation is the driving force

"in meitushi, technology is the primary productivity. In terms of R & D and production of green environmental protection coatings, meitushi has always maintained many records in the industry." Ms. hefengling said that it was under the escort of scientific and technological innovation that the carbon emission data of Metz health paint products met the low-carbon evaluation indicators

in 2002, Metz took the lead in introducing all environmental friendly benzene free healthy wood paint; In 2005, the nano silver ion antibacterial technology was introduced into wall paint for the first time, and the "Health Star" series products were launched to improve the standard of health paint; Subsequently, in 2006, the "special wall paint for baby's healthy children's room" was launched with photocatalyst deodorization and active oxygen antibacterial double purification flavor; In 2009, the "tea garden formaldehyde net emulsion paint" without APEO pushed the health index of wall paint a big step forward, and won the "2009 green household brand" and the "China environmental label product certification"

in terms of the research and development of water-based wood products that are environmentally friendly, new breakthroughs in the research and development of water-based paint and the promotion and innovation of marketing have greatly promoted the pace of water-based wood paint entering the stage of home decoration. In 2011, Metz launched a series of health products with white bamboo charcoal, creating an ecological space of natural microcirculation system and raising the environmental protection technology of coatings to a new level

after years of quality verification, the products of meitushi have been adopted by more than 600 well-known projects in China, such as the exhibition hall of Shanghai WorldExpo, the 2008 Olympic International Sailing Center, Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport, Shandong Quancheng Square, Shenzhen Universiade subway, etc., which is the best explanation of the products and strength of meitushi. At the same time, metus has established strategic partnership with Evergrande real estate group, Suzhou Golden Mantis decoration company, Beijing Yezhifeng decoration and other domestic well-known first-class enterprises

as a representative of private enterprises in Guangdong, meitushi company issued a proposal for enterprise low-carbon development

environmental protection and public welfare is the norm

after years of development, there is no doubt about the high-quality products and services of meitushi, but meitushi is not satisfied and is also keen on public welfare undertakings

"when it comes to public welfare activities, many people think that it is' bleeding ', which is a loss making business. In the eyes of metus,' green 'represents environmental protection and health,' gold 'represents competitive advantage and commercial profits.' green gold 'means that green health and economic development are not irreconcilable contradictions, but complement each other." At the meeting, he Fengling summarized and revealed that "green gold" is not only a society, but also a new business model, which can help enterprises gain advantages in competition

in 2002, Metz participated in the "Guangzhou Declaration on environmental protection and pollution-free decoration" conference and issued a declaration on environmental protection; In the next two years, Metz promoted environmental protection publicity at terminals across the country to guide low-carbon consumption; In 2007, with the help of the media platform, the diaoyutaistateguesthouse issued the Beijing Declaration on energy conservation and emission reduction; In 2009, it issued an initiative to promote water-based wood paint into the home decoration stage...

in 2010, metus signed a cooperation agreement with the League Central Committee and donated 11million yuan to establish the "rural youth employment and entrepreneurship metus fund" and the "Mother River Protection Action Fund" respectively, to support the League to organize and carry out national rural youth employment and entrepreneurship work and youth ecological environmental protection publicity and practice activities

"what is the starting point of meitushi's dedication to public welfare with unprecedented efforts in the industry? The answer is only four words: society." Ms. hefengling said that the upgrading of green gold strategy of enterprises has been recognized by more and more enterprises, but from "green" to "gold", it is a long process to realize benefits. If you don't insist, you may often become a martyr, and if you insist, you will be a pioneer

among the green public welfare activities of coating enterprises, Metz is one of the pioneers. Environmental protection is no small matter, and everyone becomes a big thing, which promotes the upgrading of "low-carbon vision" to "low-carbon action". Meticule advocates business colleagues to promote green and low-carbon and make unremitting efforts for low-carbon life

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