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Recent analysis of acrylic acid and ester Market

propylene TM is about 175 ℃. Before the recent price of butyl enoate market

double section, industry insiders were generally bearish on the aftermarket, and downstream factories expected to purchase intensively after the price fell - they didn't expect to meet them in October, when the price soared. The procurement plan is concentrated after the festival. The low inventory level and the lack of bargaining power with suppliers are the main factors leading to the sharp rise in the current round of prices (for details, please pay attention to the "three factors driving the sharp rise in the market price of acrylic acid and ester" of axis chemical

at present, the mentality of acrylic acid and ester Market suppliers and downstream factories is relatively clear. The former is full of confidence, while the latter is full of complaints; The mentality of traders is more complex. The most important conditions for traders to make profits: 1. The price difference between the primary and secondary markets; 2. Downstream receiving intention. The former ensures the profit space, while the latter ensures that the book profits can be effectively converted into actual interests. In contrast, other factors such as difficulties in picking up goods, panic atmosphere, and the impact of market rumors on mentality are in a secondary position. At present, the market benefits are gradually exhausted and the risks are also accumulating, but for traders, the price difference between the primary and secondary markets is up to yuan/ton, meeting condition 1; The overall supply is extremely tight, and the shipment is relatively smooth, meeting condition 2. Yesterday, the bulk market was slightly weak, but the above pattern has not fundamentally changed. Overall, the near future is a better time for traders to operate. As for the difficulty of picking up goods, it is not a fundamental disadvantage for traders

as shown in the figure, the recent butyl ester market volatility is much more intense than in the past. Anxins chemical believes that this round of increase is mainly driven by three factors: insufficient downstream inventory, panic purchasing in the market and intensive increase in shipment prices in factories. Insufficient downstream inventory is the main reason. Although the inquiries and instruments from abroad after the catalyst accident in Japan are beams that can be moved by a constant speed child: or palpitations and fixtures with other devices installed -2 are significantly more than in the past, with the recent sharp rise in domestic market prices and rich profits, the supplier's export enthusiasm has not soared. The impact of catalyst accidents in Japan is more psychological. In addition, the sap market, which was directly impacted by the catalyst accident in Japan, is relatively stable compared with the acrylic acid and ester Market, which proves that the substantive impact of the accident on the domestic market is limited. The more important reason is that downstream factories are not optimistic about the post holiday market in the early stage, and there are too many goods in stock; It is difficult to adjust production and pricing after the price rise, so we can only accept it passively

on the supply side, the current domestic device status is general, Jiaxing satellite, Yangba, waxing, Dongfang, Jurong Taixing stop or the load is low, Huayi, Formosa Plastics, Sanmu, CNOOC Huizhou are the devices with relatively normal load at present, but the shipment is cautious; Lanhua products have just arrived in the Eastern market. The supply of goods is tight on the whole, and due to the low commencement, it is expected to last for at least a week

at present, the overall load level of domestic suppliers is general, and the inventory level of some suppliers may be normal, but the shipment is cautious, and the overall supply capacity is not optimistic

Researcher 1 began to magnetize these ceramic fibers by coating them with slight iron oxide

the demand side. Due to the negative outlook in the early stage, downstream factories were generally under stocked; Traders are also actively shipping during the double festival. At present, multidimensional holds a low inventory. Traders and downstream factories generally have purchasing demand. Anxins chemical believes that this round of intensive procurement is not due to the recovery of the market, but the downstream will focus on the procurement plan and the needs of "clean energy utilization, strong industrial base, resources and environment, national defense construction" after the holiday. At present, the end users of acrylic acid and ester, the most important downstream adhesives and tapes, are generally short of inventory. It is expected that the factory can transfer part of the cost to the end users in the next one to two weeks. With the factory buildings bearing all the pressure of price rise, the market has been rising at a high level for more than ten days; If the cost pressure is partially reduced, it may offset the impact of adverse factors such as the slight weakness of the bulk market and the early cooling in the north

recently, the factory has been cautious in shipping, and the large volume can only barely cope with production, and there is still considerable demand in the future market. In short, the overall demand side is stable, supporting the high operation of prices and even further rise

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