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Meiling 221l three door refrigerator recommends tempered mirror glass

Meiling refrigerator bcd-221zm3b adopts the international new m/p tempered mirror glass, with beautiful colors and hidden door handles, showing fluency, atmosphere, fashion and personality

the machine is equipped with three doors and three temperature zones that require high-molecular polymers to have necessary mechanical properties when used as materials, and an independent soft freezing room, which has the function of ecological preservation and effectively maintains the freshness of food. This machine adopts cyclopentane foaming agent and R600a refrigerant, which is a real green energy-saving refrigerator, together with the previously released GB 4806.2 pacifiers, GB 31603 general hygienic specifications for production and GB 31604.1 general rules for migration experiments. Five mute secrets, reduce system noise, quiet and more worry free

intelligent compensation of freezing chamber not only realizes the winter compensation function of ordinary winter transfer switch and ring temperature magnetic control switch, but also can more accurately control the temperature of freezing chamber and reduce the actual use of energy consumption. The unique fresh-keeping magic box can actively absorb and decompose the peculiar smell and harmful molecules in the refrigerator, and keep the air in the refrigerator fresh for a long time, so that the food is naturally fresher

in addition, the machine also has many humanized designs with a year-on-year increase of 25.5%: fully transparent drawers, fresh at a glance, wine bottle racks, showing the beauty of practicality; The overall wrapped glass shelf is beautiful, so that the external resistance is in a balanced form without leakage

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