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Industrial thermal insulation coatings are mainly aimed at thermal insulation measures in the fields of industrial buildings, mechanical equipment, pipelines, storage, etc., to ensure the normal operation and work of protected buildings and objects, improve work efficiency and reduce losses, and improve the service life of mechanical equipment, Therefore, the industrial thermal insulation coating can protect the safety of industrial equipment to the greatest extent and also enhance the production strength

in recent years, industry has developed rapidly and social competition has increased. How to improve productivity and reduce production costs is a problem that many enterprises need to face and solve. The development of an enterprise not only needs the market, but also needs to consider raw material procurement, channel sales, equipment maintenance, site construction, employee welfare, etc. industrial thermal insulation coating is the main matters that need to be paid attention to. We should carefully consider the existence of key standards, and the relative lack of preliminary research. It is clear that equipment maintenance accounts for a very large proportion in enterprise operation, because mechanical equipment can work normally Reducing losses can reduce a considerable part of the expenses of enterprises, so enterprises have always attached great importance to the maintenance of equipment

"the low efficiency of energy utilization has always been a reality that China's industrial production field needs to face. How to produce more products with less energy must rely on technological innovation." Therefore, it is very important to develop a high-tech product that can reduce energy, mechanical loss and high productivity. After years of research and experiment, combined with American advanced science and technology, ripham intelligent coating has been biochemical and improved on the basis of the application process of the traditional hydraulic universal testing machine and the temperature coating of the power line. Finally, a special industrial equipment, oil and gas storage tank, steam pipeline Extruded valves and other thermal insulation protective coatings can effectively reduce the cost and save energy due to equipment damage, corrosion, rust, weathering and other instability that affect normal work

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