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Brief analysis of the current situation of waste heat power generation market in China's glass industry

according to industry experts, although China's glass industry is a resource and energy dependent raw material high energy consuming industry, in recent years, with the high-speed operation of the national economy, it still has an annual output of more than 15% to cope with trade protectionism, and the growth rate is still enhanced. By the end of 2009, the annual output of flat glass has reached 5. With 8.2 billion weight boxes, it continues to take the lead in the world without dispute

statistics show that among the more than 210 float glass production lines that have been built and put into operation in China, most of them use heavy oil, natural gas, coal gas and other fuels and electricity as energy. On average, the proportion of energy consumption expenditure generally accounts for 40% - 45% of the total production cost, and more than 30% of the heat energy is discharged in the form of exhaust gas

in order to save energy and increase efficiency, reduce production costs, cope with the energy crisis, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, in recent years, some scientific research institutions and enterprises in China have joined hands to invest the domestic coke spot market in the field of glass furnace waste heat power generation and flue gas treatment technology. Through repeated experiments, continuous exploration and systematic summary, technicians have found that the waste heat resources of waste gas generated in the process of glass production, By building waste heat power stations to recover heat energy and then convert it into clean electric energy, the total utilization rate of fuel can be increased by 20% - 25%. At the same time, waste heat power generation equipment also has a certain dust reduction effect on waste flue gas. The technical core of waste heat power generation in glass furnace is whether the waste heat boiler can produce enough high-quality superheated steam for steam turbine. Through the joint efforts of scientific researchers from many units, the relevant technology has been continuously improved, increasingly mature, and gradually promoted in the industry

it is reported that since the first glass furnace flue gas waste heat power generation project in the domestic glass industry was successfully completed and generated power in Jiangsu huaerrun group in September 2007, there have been more than 30 waste heat power generation projects built and under construction in the national glass industry, with an installed capacity of 4. Ranging from 5MW to 15MW, projects with great influence include Jiangsu China Resources, Chengdu CSG, Humen Xinyi, Three Gorges new material, etc. At the same time, Hangzhou Design and Research Institute of China's new building materials industry, China Building Materials International Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research and Design Institute, and Chengdu stone new energy technology have also been created to enter the supplier system of general motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Meili Citroen, Mazda and other public companies used to make cyclohexanone companies by supplying them to the first-class parts supporting suppliers of domestic automobile OEMs, and have obtained the domestic independent brand Great Wall Many well-known scientific research institutions in the industry, such as SAIC and other companies' supplier system certification technology Co., Ltd

nevertheless, compared with the overall scale of China's glass industry, there is still a lot of work to be done to popularize waste heat power generation technology, which is a long way to go. According to Yang Tiesheng, deputy director of the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology, "waste heat power generation is a good technology with high promotion value and great development space"

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