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France will provide free menstrual hygiene products to female college students. Release date: Source: People's overseas. On February 23, Frederic Vidal, Minister of higher education of France, announced that from the next academic year, menstrual hygiene products will be provided free of charge to all female college students. This is another progress in combating the problem of "menstrual poverty", and it is also the long-standing appeal of French student organizations and feminist associations

according to Agence France Presse, Frederic Vidal said that in the next few weeks, the university town will provide sanitary napkins in student dormitories and school medical services for distribution to girls. Earlier, Olivier Velan, the Minister of health of France, and Elizabeth Moreno, the ministerial representative in charge of gender equality, announced that the budget for improving "menstrual poverty" in 2021 would be increased to 5million euros, and that in 2020 would be 1million euros

a joint survey released by the French Federation of students (Fage) and the French National Federation of midwifery students (anesf) in February this year showed that 13% of girls in eastern China had to choose between menstrual hygiene products and other necessities of life, and 33% of girls needed help to obtain menstrual hygiene products. The survey also shows that 46% of female respondents spend an average of 5-10 euros on menstrual hygiene products every month, and half of them also buy painkillers, underwear and other products related to menstruation, with a total monthly cost of 2. Steel Weldments can reach more than 20 euros. 10% of students were forced to make menstrual hygiene products by themselves, and 5% of students had to use toilet paper. At present, France has introduced some assistance measures for "menstrual poverty", but they are often local measures. For example, the Paris Regional Council announced on February 4 that sanitary products will be distributed free of charge in universities and student dormitories to improve the performance of waterproof materials

the new measures introduced this time are one of a series of measures taken by the French government to solve the problem of poverty among students during the epidemic

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