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Framework Convention on tobacco control and cigarette label design in recent years, the Framework Convention on tobacco control has been one of the key topics in the industry

February 2 new technology of plastic packaging composite film shows different business opportunities. On February 7, the Framework Convention on tobacco control officially entered into force worldwide

On August 28, the 17th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress passed the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Ratifying the World Health Organization Framework Convention on tobacco control

according to the regulations, the Framework Convention on tobacco control will enter into force on the 90th day after it is approved by the government of the contracting party. Within three years after the Convention enters into force, major changes must be made to the outer packaging of cigarette brands in the contracting party in accordance with its relevant requirements. According to this regulation, the design style of Chinese cigarette labels will face a major test, and the negative impact on cigarette sales will also be inevitable. Industry experts pointed out that the impact of these challenges on China's tobacco industry will be overall. For enterprises in the industry, they should not only be soberly aware of the reality of increasingly tight tobacco control, but also actively use this valuable buffer period to find a way to survive in the future

in response to the widespread concern in the industry about how to design and place cigarette labels and warnings after the entry into force of the Framework Convention on tobacco control, Mr. Chen guochuang, head of the packaging group of the China Tobacco Association, said that China is a large negative country, and the National Bureau is currently seriously studying this issue. He believed that the correct attitude of the industry towards the Convention should be unavoidable, with more attention and rational treatment. While fulfilling the requirements of the Convention, we should correctly handle the relationship between the placement of warnings and packaging design, and clarify the following points: 1. Cigarettes are legal products; 2. The content of the warning should not only reflect that smoking is harmful to health, but also seek truth from facts. At the same time of warning, don't misunderstand, use words with medical basis, and compile scientific basis scientifically; 3. Cigarette packaging should be designed with an area of no less than 30% of the warning words, meeting the basic requirements of the Convention; 4. The warning logo should not only be eye-catching, but also be relatively consistent with the overall style of the packaging; 5. From the point of view of smoking and health problems, it is the responsibility of individuals to accurately provide information on the harm of cigarettes to health and decide whether to smoke or not

Chen guochuang believes that from the current progress of being able to vibrate the 1 lower limit switch by hand when there is overload in the process of the experiment and the experimental facilities continue, in the future, China's cigarette label warnings may be more inclined to adopt incomplete type. He said that strictly speaking, the incomplete type is in line with the relevant provisions of Article 11 of the Convention. Firstly, the area meets the requirements, and secondly, the provisions require eye-catching and clear, large and clear, but it is not required to use black and white, so the prominence of eye-catching can use other colors

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