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French e-commerce: French shopping is not as popular as China, and they envy China's shopping environment

[Global Times report] in today's world, shopping and e-commerce are fashionable phenomena in all countries. But on a closer look, France is still very different from China. France does not have the enthusiasm of Chinese people to buy, let alone the record of "double 11" and other record highs; The proportion of French shopping has remained at less than 3% of the total retail sales so far, and China has developed in double digits for consecutive years; French shopping focuses on books, electrical appliances, automatic counting of ordinary clothing counting devices at the same time, air tickets, train tickets and other fields, while Chinese shopping is very popular in almost all consumer goods and services; French shopping turnover increased, but physical stores continued to develop, while Chinese physical stores were in continuous crisis

a French e-commerce practitioner named Patrick told the global times that he was envious of the booming situation of China's purchase and hoped that the market environment like China would allow him to make a lot of money. Another Frenchman, Katrina, who likes to buy as a world leading supplier of special polymer materials, services and solutions, said that the low price of products purchased in China is a blessing for consumers. The interest aroused by their attention and discussion: why is it that China's purchase has become a common practice, while France, which has long been equipped with equipment, is not enthusiastic about purchase

it is found that the difference in the current situation of purchase between the two countries actually reflects the great differences in consumption psychology and legal systems between the two countries. Chinese consumers pursue "low price and good quality", and there is a big difference between the price of goods purchased and those in physical stores, which is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of shopping. French and even European and American consumers generally believe that "one price, one goods", cheap goods will not be beautiful, and good prices will not be cheap. This is a concept that arises in a market where competition and regulations are mature. As a key purchase price, there are also many differences between the two countries: the prices of the same goods in China can be much different from those in physical stores, or even half as cheap. In France, the purchase price is generally only about 10% cheaper

why can't the French purchase price come down? Through the investigation, we learned several important factors: first of all, France has complete business regulations, which prohibit any form of loss selling and discounting not in accordance with the regulations and at any time. Secondly, France has a strict wage and labor security system and a unified minimum wage standard for all industries. The cost of commodity logistics is different from that of China. E-commerce cannot rely on low-cost logistics to support low-cost sales. Third, French laws crack down on the commercial behavior of using low prices to monopolize the market, and oppose the large low-cost sales platform that damages the interests of all manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers on a solid basis. In addition, France also has regulations on the establishment of capital platforms, and it is impossible for such payment instruments as Alipay to appear without banks or financial institutions

French shopping also has a very different trend from China: in order to maintain product price and reputation, all brands and physical stores adopt the same price system as physical stores. At the same time, physical groups have begun to purchase non physical stores significantly, which shows that physical stores are increasingly enriching their sales channels. According to statistics, the sales volume of physical stores and stations is rising, which has exceeded 30% of the total purchase and sales volume. In addition, although the purchase and sales volume in France has increased year by year, at present, 2/3 of pure stores are still in a state of loss

an official of the French Ministry of Finance told that purchase, as a new form, should be encouraged, which is in line with the interests of consumers and the needs of new technological means and the Internet era. However, this form of sales must be developed under the existing business environment and order, and cannot destroy the entity business and encourage unfair competition. Only plastic material technology needs to be broken through to deal with environmental problems, can we finally form a win-win situation that benefits consumers, producers and sellers at all levels

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