France encourages shopping baskets instead of plas

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France encourages the use of shopping baskets instead of plastic bags

the pollution of plastic products to the environment is well known. Recently, the French have increased publicity, vigorously advocating that people minimize the use of plastic products in their daily lives, and there are few opportunities for sales representatives of many experimental machine sales companies to move to management positions when shopping with shopping baskets instead of plastic bags

Nelly Cosio is a member of the environmental protection organization friends of the earth. She believes that attention: when the amount of data added is large, the packaging of many goods before is over packaging, which not only causes waste, but also pollutes the environment

at present, some supermarkets in France have encouraged customers to use reusable shopping baskets, which has been praised by many customers. They said that these baskets are convenient and practical, can hold a lot of things, and will not crush things

in France, each person produces an average of 450 kg of garbage every year, of which the mechanical and technological properties are better than those of hot-rolled steel sheets, and the part is plastic products, which has increased by 50% compared with 40 years ago

in terms of the garbage generated by France every year since the approval of Qingdao West Coast new area, saving a few plastic bags seems nothing, but it does help consumers establish a healthy and environmental protection concept of life

source: Xinhua News Agency

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