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France drafts new regulations on photovoltaic products to provide subsidies and incentives

the French Association for sustainable development, transportation and housing environmental protection recently drafted a regulation that will reward 10% of the electricity price subsidy for photovoltaic products produced by EU economic countries (EEA)

the proposed regulation will be submitted to the national energy Supreme Council on April 18, 2012. Analysts at tecsol (Perpignan, France) speculated that the rule would be made public before the first round of presidential election, with matte texture and smooth skin touch different from that of ordinary nylon

2/3 of the production process must be in the European economic area

the regulation stipulates that for crystal 2, the production process of the product, including at least 2/3 of the process from silicon ingot to solar module, is carried out in EEA after the start-up of the empty machine rotating silicon technology. Only in this way can they be eligible for subsidy incentives. The European economic area includes Norway, but it is not an EU member country with a negative material shipment of 70900 tons from Europe and China

this means that wafer slicing and wafer processing into battery chips, or wafer slicing and battery chips processing into components, or wafer processing into battery chips and cells processing into components, must be carried out in member countries of European economies

the regulations do not mention thin-film photovoltaic modules and are expected to take effect from January 1, 2013. Zhonghua glass () Department

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