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World metrology day free testing of household instruments

May 20 serves nearly 9000 medical and health units, which is the 12th "world metrology day". Shijiazhuang Bureau of quality and technical supervision and Hebei Institute of Metrology supervision and testing have jointly carried out a series of activities to benefit the people, so that the clip installation should not be completely locked. More people understand the importance of Metrology in daily life. 3. The main machine of hydraulic material testing machine plays an important role in the handling process

the Metrology Laboratory of Hebei Institute of Metrology supervision and testing was opened to the public. Representatives from all walks of life visited the laboratories of gas flow, steam flow, liquid flow and so on. All kinds of metrology instruments with different functions but closely related to people's livelihood opened everyone's eyes. According to the relevant person in charge, the water meters and gas meters in residents' homes can be tested in the measurement laboratory, and the first test is free. Residents can send the instruments to be checked to the Metrology Institute. Every Friday is the regular acceptance day of personal testing

in addition to opening the metrology laboratory to the outside world, Shijiazhuang Bureau of quality supervision and Hebei Metrology Institute also provided consumers with services such as performance stable sphygmomanometers, body scale testing, optometry and vision testing for free in Yuxiangyuan community yesterday

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