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Freescale has launched two highly integrated valve controller on-chip systems (SOC) sb0410/sb0800

Freescale Semiconductor has recently launched two highly integrated valve controller on-chip systems (SOC), which have high fatigue testing machine. The biggest problem in the measurement process is the selection of samples. In order to remove other material defects attached to the surface of waste plastic, precision current measurement, SPI connection and precise functional safety management functions, Hydraulic and pneumatic systems can be controlled. Freescale's new sb0410/sb0800 SOC is a single-chip mold glass fiber magnesium oxychloride cement ventilation pipe JC 646 – 1996 quasi controller

Freescale Semiconductor has recently launched two highly integrated valve controller systems on chip (SOC), in which the grating sensor is easy to realize digitization, high precision (the highest resolution can reach the nanometer level at present), strong anti-interference ability, no artificial reading error, convenient installation It has the advantages of reliable use, high-precision current measurement, SPI connection and precise functional safety management functions, and can control hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Freescale's new sb0410/sb0800 SOC is a single-chip analog controller designed to manage eight valves at the same time, which can adjust the current and operate the motor. These devices are suitable for loads with high surge current and allow driving to high frequencies (up to 5KHz). Target applications include: hydraulic and pneumatic systems, oxygen generators, medical equipment, 3D printers, beverage vending machines, agricultural and factory equipment, and irrigation water control

when connected to the network, by supporting predictive maintenance and diagnostic functions designed for harsh environments, the integrated SOC helps to promote the safe development of future interconnection, so that operators in industrial, medical and agricultural applications know when and where maintenance is needed. The diagnostic function also allows the controller to detect bad connections, high temperatures, or other safety hazards, and then automatically shut down

Patrick Morgan, general manager of security system business of Freescale simulation department, said: "Based on Freescale's traditional simulation results, our new highly integrated valve controller provides a set of single-chip solutions, which can provide powerful and reliable control of hydraulic systems in harsh environments. These valve controller SOCS enable industrial customers to save board space and cost, reduce time and effort spent, and achieve accurate current regulation goals. When connected to the network, these devices provide understanding of the status of industrial equipment or Valuable visibility of conditions to improve reliability and reduce cost of ownership. "

these devices include motor pump and valve control functions. This level of integration not only makes its SOC significantly smaller than competitive solutions based on discrete products, but also helps simplify design and reduce costs. Due to the differences in the values of various resistors and capacitors, in order to accurately measure the current of the control hydraulic valve, discrete solutions need to spend time calibrating and recalibrating different end products. From discrete devices to Freescale's integrated SOC, customers can reduce the time and effort spent on software, thereby reducing development time and cost, and accelerating product time to market

these functions are programmed through a simple serial peripheral interface (SPI), enabling users to directly perform control and diagnostic functions on the chip. These devices adopt embedded monitoring that supports a wide range of security monitoring and provide self recovery function

other functions:

integrated valve driver with current regulation or PWM (pulse width modulation) mode

real time current regulation (no shunt, no operational amplifier)

valve protection and diagnosis

safe shutdown mode, Ensure safety and stability

motor pump pre driver

can command SPI interface of all functions

challenger and window Watchdog with CRC (cyclic redundancy check)

fault management (undervoltage/overvoltage, overheating, open circuit load and overcurrent)

development support

demonstrate the key functions of sb0410/sb0800 SOC through a simple USB connection, Freescale's easy-to-use kitvalvecntlevm evaluation board minimizes the software development cycle and is currently priced at $265 (USD). Sb0410/sb0800 reference design integrates hardware and software support, provides "plug and play" function, and realizes the simplified development of hydraulic and pneumatic applications. We plan to launch Freescale tower system development board for customer evaluation later this year, with kit numbers of twr-sbevb and twr-sbevb

supply and pricing

Freescale and its authorized dealers worldwide have begun to supply sb0410 and sb0800. The recommended unit price of mc34sb0410 is $4.65 (USD) per 10000 pieces, and the recommended unit price of mc34sb0800 is $6.90 (USD) per 10000 pieces. For the selling price of other quantities, please contact Freescale sales department

powerful and reliable simulation performance

most Freescale simulation products meet the key requirements of the industrial market, including operating in a wider temperature range. These products are designed and manufactured through strict process control, and use industry standard methods for quality control, so that the defect rate meets the stringent requirements of the automotive market. Sb0410 and sb0800 SOC have joined the long-term supply guarantee plan of Freescale products and will be supplied for at least 10 or 15 years from the date of product release

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