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On May 11, Ren Hongnan, the India Pakistan sales manager of Wazhou import and export company, was tapping his computer while talking to Indian customers. "We have recently developed an Indian iron and steel enterprise, which is carrying out small batch matching. Customer feedback is good, and the sales volume is expected to continue to grow this year." Renhongnan, who is outgoing and can speak fluent English, introduced him

the circulation markets in India and Pakistan are of various specifications and large quantities. In particular, in India's bearing market, domestic private enterprises and foreign well-known bearing companies are competing for this "cake". The competition is extremely fierce. Ren Hongnan often works late at night alone to learn about customers in time. Every day, on the basis of doing a good job in business, she takes the initiative to communicate with customers, and walks away with customers' off-duty hours

the effort pays off. In 2016, the sales volume of the tile shaft in the Indian market increased by 50% compared with that in 2015

"in the Pakistan market, we have also achieved good performance, with a year-on-year increase of 50 -------------- split line --------------% in 2016." Renhongnan said that with the in-depth promotion of the "belt and road initiative when the test piece is under pressure" and the construction of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Pakistan is accelerating infrastructure construction. In the first quarter of this year, the sales of cement machinery supporting bearings of bearing pads increased by 267%, and 80% of its cement machinery uses bearing pads. In addition, most of the supporting bearings of Pakistani tractor manufacturers are also supplied by bearing pads

"at present, Indian wind power, steel and other industries have a promising market, which has become one of the fastest growing countries in Asia and the most potential market for wind power development in the world. In addition, steel production is also in a period of full speed development." According to renhongnan, supporting bearings for wind power, steel, automobile, cement machinery and other industrial equipment are the advantageous products of Wazhou group, which has mature manufacturing technology and experience. Recently, the enterprise has conducted research on the Indian market, visited the top large enterprises in China, and has begun to cooperate with many enterprises. The products are under trial production

the rapidly developing Indian market is one of the long-term strategic markets of Wazhou group. The company has formulated a detailed development plan for the Indian market, focusing on the industry and customers. While continuing to expand the circulation market and developing regional partners in India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia, the company takes India and Pakistan as key regions to develop supporting customers for wind power, steel and cement markets, increase customer base and maintain the momentum of rapid growth in sales revenue. In this regard, Ren Hongnan is full of confidence

Meng Wei, chairman of Wazhou group, said that the "the Belt and Road" runs through Asia, Europe and Africa. Wazhou started its layout from the developed economic circles of the United States and Europe, and is gradually improving its international network. This year, we will launch the Asia Pacific regional industrial planning, focus on the development of the Indian market, form three core market areas in Europe, the United States and the Asia Pacific, and improve the layout of "one once, several times, and when to lead the way". At the same time, we will continue to cultivate the European and American markets, establish a sales, application engineering and project management team for automotive bearings and industrial equipment bearings in European companies, and strengthen the development of the European market; Make use of the localization advantages of waaxel Europe and waaxel America to build a global service platform for key customers and realize the international development of waaxel group

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