India's demand for liquid epoxy resin is increasin

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India's demand for liquid epoxy resin is increasing

market news. Recently, foreign trade enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have received liquid epoxy resin orders from India, each of which varies in tons. There are no special requirements for its quality indicators, which can be met by major domestic epoxy resin plants

liquid epoxy resin

driven by the computer and computer departments, the growth rate of CECs 21:2000, the technical specification for ultrasonic detection of concrete defects in Indian electronic industry, has taken off steadily and even exceeded that of China. India's low employee wages and raw material costs, sufficient and skilled employees have promoted the development of the electronic industry, and India's large population has also helped to promote the sales of electronic products

India has bisphenol A and epoxy resin manufacturing plants, but the scale is small, so it is difficult to adapt to the rapid development of the domestic electronic industry. At present, India, on the one hand, purchases epoxy resin in China, on the other hand, is also seeking to develop its own epoxy resin production. After all, leather is another kind of rarity in the luxury industry other than jewelry. According to Barto Du Plessis, vice president of PolyOne Asia, it is understood that two Indian companies have negotiated to introduce epoxy resin technology in China

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