India's first voice synthesis technology startup

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In 2013, Mausam and maulik Patel designed a speech synthesis aggregator, which was an opportunity for them to establish the company

no one had done this at that time, so they seized the opportunity. However, until they created I △ vs=vsr_ VST (4) NDIA TTS, they realized the complexity of technology

three years after the establishment of the company, Mausam said that the company is still in the stage of research and development. Today, India TTS claims to be the first company in India to commercialize speech synthesis

what is speech synthesis? It is simply a device that converts text into speech. But according to Mausam, it has a wide range of commercial uses

india TTS launched its first product in may2016 in three versions: English, Hindi and bilingual. They combine TTS application program interface with interactive voice response (IVR), so that they can access any kind of broadcast equipment with wide communication range and high efficiency

from a consumer perspective, a recent example is about Ola. If the taxi driver cancels your reservation, IVR will call you and you can make a reservation again. This technology is also used in ATMs to help visually impaired people complete operations through voice guidance

india TTS is widely used, including the emergency maintenance system of large manufacturers to the public address system. At present, their customers include nsbbpo (designed to solve user problems for major telecom operators), CMS ATM service, BHEL Bhopal, etc

in addition, the company is conducting project trials with 22 customers

how to charge

india TTS has several charging modes. The charging standard for small customers is 0.49 rupees per request. When using speech synthesis technology, 120 words is a request

for large customers, request 0.26 Pais each time. According to Mausam, they receive 7000 to 20000 requests a day

it can also be used by individual users. For private use, there is no charge, and you only need to register on the official platform. Mausam claims that the platform will interact 5000 times a day and the station will be viewed 70000 times

in just three months, the company's monthly revenue has reached 300000 rupees. In addition, the founders of the company invested the income of their previous company. Mausam believes that what we are doing is a very special technology to avoid corrosion in India caused by oxidation in air and water. Our innovation has become the top ten in digital India, and our next goal is to apply it worldwide

in the future, TTS will use neural language programs and machine learning to innovate IVR technology. TTS will listen to the user and give corresponding instructions. This is like the Hindi version of the more gear number makes the part size limited Siri or Google now

before long, the era of TTS will come and become a new communication mode. Although the current India TTS system is only a simple text form without artificial intelligence

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