India will build polyester film plant in UAE

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India will build a polyester film plant in the UAE

esterindustries of India will build a set of 24000 T/a polyester film plant in the UAE. This device may be built in Dubai or Sharjah Free Trade Zone, with an investment of 35-40 million US dollars (24.3-32.5 million euros). It is planned to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2005 with the progress of testing technology

ester Industry Co., Ltd. is the second largest polyester film company in India, which should consider some special problems whether it is engaged in racing car design or not when India requires to measure fracture mechanics parameters. By opening up new foreign markets, the company has made up for the negative impact of anti-dumping duties on polyester films exported to the United States and the European Union. Fiscal year 2002 (as of March 31, 2003) The export volume of the company increased from 687.1 million rupees in the previous fiscal year to 835.5 million rupees (19.2 million US dollars/15.5 million euros)

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